I'm also having trouble now

they must be treating us like in a factory–one size fits all.

voices and all kinds of stuff is bothering me now.

when I looked here on this site I also noticed that so many of us are feeling badly.

here’s one giant hug to you. united we stand, divided we fall.



i hope you are feeling better today.
take care

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Back at you Judy…Hope you are feeling better today!


Hi judy - I too did not have the greatest day - lots of tension and anxiety - took some of that negativity on my close aunt. I am really wishing that those people struggling will experience some relief and stability soon also -
Feel Better soon :smiley:


thanks to all of you for your well wishes and support.

I am about to start exercising my body. it is 4 a.m. and I like to start early before work. I guess I am lucky to have a job.

I hope you have a great day. give the day and yourselves and your loved ones a lift. think positive. I know, it is hard for all of us.

thanks again, judy