I'm alone and all right

I only slept five hours last night but it was good and I’m refreshed. Maybe I’ll nap today. The sky is still dark and it’s cold and I think about my atheism. I still don’t want to be mortal and I know we have consciousness not just brain matter. I say I’m an atheist because I lost the god of my youth, which was the imagination. Maybe I’ll find a new god one day but the night sky and living alone makes me think about my atheism. I had trouble with religion because of fanaticism and self righteousness and my voice which did his best to kill me who said he was God. I’m thinking of getting a part time job. The world is going to be bankrupt soon. I am too physically out of shape to work now and I’m setting forth to get into shape physically, nothing big just walking. I don’t have a college education and will work a janitorial type job I guess. I will still get reduced benefits to get by. I just don’t see how the government can support me for long with so many businesses closed. I’m a little afraid, I think society might collapse.


Don’t worry. The world has always had problems to deal with. Corona is just another one. Hopefully it will fade like a lot of past problems have.

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