Late night rambling

Been laying down on my bed for the past couple of hours, trying to sleep. But I’m just thinking about how I’m a really closed off person, wether its because I’m paranoid or just have a general dislike for close relationships, be it friends family or girlfriend. I been wishing for the longest, been wishing to be alone, but I find myself being bothered by the isolation and lack of emotional stimuli. It feels like a cycle; an ouroboros of immortal isolation, of constant torture. So the spiritual side says " be alone" but the human side, the one conditioned to live off of social interaction says the opposite.

Nahhh. Doesnt matter anyways. Just some thoughts I’d thought I’d share.


Sounds a lot like my brain in the middle of the night…

I hear you and I hope you get the rest you need.

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Thanks @Sue_Bee

Its tough, but we manage through it.

Thanks! Hopefully I do.

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Sounds like any given night of the week. Hope things turn around


You know it really is like that, but recently jt feels like ir became a norm. Lol. Not the feeling lonely but the random thoughts at night. Haha

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@anon97970229 I really can relate with this thought you’re having tonight.


Thanks man! Its a little annoying. But I’m just vaping and trying to forget it.


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