I'm almost at the end of my semester

and I just found out that I still have two more semesters to go. Graduating next year, finally.

I’m also starting to discover new mediums (art materials) but so far I’ve been drawing with watercolours.

I’ve also experimented with oil pastels, and my country is home to one of the well-known oil pastel/soft pastel companies called Mungyo so I was able to buy a set of oil pastels from them.

Problem is, oil pastel produces crumbs from the pastel sticks, so it’s a hassle to clean it but I love drawing with them.

Hopefully I finish my semester with good grades because I really don’t want to let my parents down.


It’s great to here you positive.

Good luck with graduating and painting.

Best of luck with it :four_leaf_clover:

Not until next year, but I’m excited for it!

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It’s good that you are making progress and enjoying your painting. Keep it up!

Nice to hear something about a hobby you enjoy, @laetitia . Good luck with everything!

Good luck! I’m glad there’s something you enjoy, and that you’re almost done with school. :slight_smile: