Thinking about on line Diploma (not sure yet)

I’ve done a diploma before
It was foundation fashion and textiles over 1 yr
It involved 9-5 in the classroom. 5 days a week
The stress put me in hospital
I passed instead of getting distinction because I missed the last project

The diploma is drawing and painting
It covers everything I’ve done mostly on my own for a year. Its not been completely without help I probably had 16 hours of zoom lessons in that time.
I started with sketching 1 year ago on 23 March lockdown day

This would take me through pencil, charcoal, watercolour. oils, gouache, acrylic, inks, landscape, portrait, life, still life etc

I’m really excited because it would give me all the bits I’ve missed out and consolidate massively

It’s a one year course but they say you can take two years over it


If you have the money to spend, it sounds like a fun thing to do.

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Sounds like you’re already excited about it. I think was long sad it’s not too time consuming sand stressful it’s a good idea.

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Mum would be paying for the course as a present
I had a LOAD of materials donated to me from when my sister spent a lot of time buying everything in sight to do with art and then decided she was no good
Watercolours oils pastels brushes pallet knives and oils and materials from my Opa , grandpa on my mums side

I’ve bought lots of paper canvases and some basic materials I needed and any replacements
I’m not hard up, I get disability and have a husband but this is a Huge help
Without the help I wouldn’t have been able to consider it

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