Im about to give myself a whole bunch of tattoos

i ordered all the tattoo needles and ink and I have everything I need so by next week I should have tattoos I’m not the best drawer and I’m doing all of them by hand so it is definitely not going to look very professional but that’s not the look I’m going for anyways I want doodle-like drawings on me and that’s what I’m gonna do my parents are probably not gonna be happy when they see my whole hand and possibly arm covered in permanent tattoos but I don’t really care

U go for it, if it’s what u really want… and don’t forget to post pictures!

I’d think twice about what you decide to ink. A lot of people have regrets later on in life. Some spend a lot of money to cover them up. I never have gotten any ,only tough about it a little.decided I might get tired of looking at it. Some people really enjoy there’s and there is some pretty cool work out there.

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I’m prob not gonna do many and there all gonna be real small I’m jus gonna try to make sure i don’t put anything i will regret too much on me

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If you’re going to get a tattoo then get a professional to do it. You might give yourself an infection or something. This sounds like a really bad idea overall.


I agree with @everhopeful. I have tattoos and I love them, but it really is best left to the professionals. Tattooing yourself is going to be pretty difficult, anyway; even tattoo artists normally get other artists to tattoo them.


This is probably a horrible idea. If you’re going to destroy your appearance, at least have it done by a professional so you don’t look like you’re sporting jailhouse tats. Also, nothing on hands, face, or neck if you ever want to be hireable.

Where I work now, people with tats visible during job interviews don’t get hired. Ever.


I think I’m just gonna do a tiny cross on my arm to see what the pain is like so I can decide if I want one professionally

that’s not a good test… if you pick the wrong part of your arm either it will be uber painful and you wont finish the cross… or it wont hurt much and it will make you cocky… also there is technique to it atleast watch some how to videos before hand… and there will be blood… I don’t think I would ever tattoo myself gotta be picky about who does your ink and I don’t make the cut…


How much it hurts varies so much with location, as @flameoftherhine was suggesting . I don’t have any on my arms, I’ve kept my ink where it will normally be covered by clothing (work reasons), but I’ve heard different parts of the arm have different pain levels, just like the rest of the body. I can tell you from experience, though, that the pain varies A LOT from location to location. Like the ones on the backs of my shoulders were not very painful at all, but going around the armpit is quite painful, for example.

I just think it would be so much better to find a skilled, experienced artist to do it for you. Just something small for the first one, maybe the cross you were talking about, to find out about the pain that way.

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Don’t do it yourself whatever you do!
You will regret it.
Get it done by a professional.

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Don’t forget about the quality of the ink aswell, don’t do anything like this on a whim, but if you really wanna go for it, then do it! :slight_smile: but only if you’re really sure you won’t regret it.

I have a tattoo that i thought that I’d never regret and I actually really do now! A tattoo is for life, not just for Christmas :slight_smile:

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You’re gonna end up looking like that Vato in the snoop dog videos.


What’s wrong with a Sharpie?


Keep up posted with pictures!

Unless, no, even if you manage to tattoo yourself. Chances are they are going to look retarded. Maybe invest in some numbing cream.

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