I got a tattoo gun today

So i bought a tattoo gun. Gotta do some googling now to figure out the right way to set it up


Cool. I’ve wanted to get tattoos before but now I’m glad I never did.

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I think im gonna pit one on my finger…like a ring

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I considered it but there is nothing I want on my body forever.

I’ve seen some really cool ones, but I’ve also seen some ugly botched ones.

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Im hoping the one i am thinking about getting turns out good. Ive had this idea for a tattoo for the past 13 years. Its gonna be a guitar pick outline. Looking down the strings of a guitar and musical notes down the strings. Apparently the artist is excited to draw it. Im picturing it turning out awesome


Good luck!!! :slight_smile:

I have 6 tattoos but one is botched and scarred up.
But overall I’m happy with them.

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I’m in the process of getting two old (religious) tattoos removed. @pasteyface how come you bought a tattoo gun? Are you using a professional tattoo artist?

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buy pig parts with skin. your butcher can hook you up. perfect your technique on pig skin.

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Oh wow. Are you going to tatto just yourself, or are you planning on tattooing other people?

I have two tattoo guns I’ll always have them cleaned professionally the spread of things like AIDS and other blood diseases are very serious always use good alcohol when cleaning your tools question anybody you take tattoo for diabetes or blooded ailments in some states requires a license oh by the way happy mistakes I know you will look down the line at your art and discover a few don’t feel too bad I have one on my side

I’ve always wanted to give myself a tattoo. I have a bunch already, but I’ve never done one on myself.

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I dont know why i bought one. Im using an artist to get one done. But i kinda want to tattoo myself somewhere you cant see

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Also have 3 tattoo machines and all the supplies. Did my own tattoo, but it is difficult on myself. I practice a lot on fake skins and draw a lot. One of my hobbies of which i want to make it my profession one day. Tattooing yourself is not easy and requires a lot of knowledge of the skin. Finger skin is very thin, depth is just 0.5 tot 0.7 mm (about half as thin as on the arms.) But should be almost painless if done correctly. For a beginner I would not recommend it. I practiced for two years before I tattooed myself after a lot of research, including medical research. But I love it and one day I hope to have my own shop. That would be a dream come true. Tattooing yourself seems easy, but it is more difficult than tattooing someone else because of the fear and shaking can occur. Besides, the hand is mirrored which makes turns difficult. The good side: you can feel when you go too deep.

Handshake can be frightening, I did shake when i first did myself. Did not expect I woudl shake, but I did.

I dont think ill shake. Cause i really dont give a ■■■■ if it looks good or bad. Im definitely going to practice on fake skins. Just by doing some simple designs. Triangles, circles, squares, stick figure. I want my first tattoo on my thigh of calvin from calvin and hobbes

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