Im a schizophrenic who thinks she is the son of a satan

I just confess it publicly hoping that will help with my illness. I know im the sickest schizophrenic on the planet. What drove me into it …mmm i saw satan once during a meditation. I saw pure evil. And then …as a schizophrenic would do …i tried to fix satan buy becomming his son…imaginatevly.


Curli are u on meds…???

Kareli, i and a lot of others probably know the twists and turns of this illness.

I’d talk to your family/doc/therapist/friends etc. about it,
Are you on medication ?

And I hope you have a good day,
Kareli it’s just symptoms of this illness,
None of that matters and doesn’t exist so
Hopefully you can worry a little less about it, I know how it is.
This whole forum and I know how hard the struggle can be and are, and how all these halluicenations and delusions and intrusive thoughts effect us.

Sending love and good vibes your way😋
I hope you feel better about your predicament soon.

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My voices have said that I AM THE REAL SATAN SON. Wow, do we have to have a competition who can be one?

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I’m sorry you deal with this delusion. I struggle with the delusion that I am a demon who sucks the life and goodness out of people. Are you taking any medication?


Also, transcendental meditation is not usually recommended for schizophrenics, because it makes our symptoms act up. Have you tried guided meditation instead?

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Meditation sounds like a really bad idea for a sz

Let’s hear what Deepak Chopra, M.D. has to say, relative to meditation and mental illness:

Viewer: Can meditation make mental illness worse or, in some cases, cause mental illness?

Dr. Deepak Chopra: OK, so first of all let me say that [in] more than 99.99% of people, meditation is actually helpful; healing. It helps integrate mind, body and spirit and also integrate our relationship with the world and with other people. Now there are rare instances of somebody who has uncontrolled epilepsy or seizure disorder where meditation can precipitate that seizure so - but - this also doesn’t happen unless your seizures are out of control and then, of course, you need adjustment of medication, and you can practice meditation without any concern. There are also some cases of acute psychosis where meditation may be innappropriate until the psychosis is controlled so, you know, if somebody has bipolar depression or schizophrenia or some kind of psychosis that needs adjustment of medication then of course you need to adjust the medication…make sure that the psychosis is under control and then you can basically proceed and it will help you. If anything, it will help you.

Source: Facebook

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0.01% ? :thinking:


It was a metaphor (maybe even hyperbole) on his part, not a literal statistic.

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Yes i have been on meds for 8 years and i have nothing against them.

I was asked once by a demon to become one of the devil’s “daughters” whatever the hell that meant. Pretty sure daughters was a euphemism for “whores.” :disappointed:

Moral of the story is voices be crazy and say crazy things and we can’t oblige that.

Is this new, or have you been bothered by this thought all the time you have been on meds?

Either way, be sure to keep your doc updated. But if the meds were working and this just started, you might need something new.

I did transcendental meditation before I was diagnosed. My grades at school sure were better when I was doing that, but I was still in anguish. It was probably starting to drink again that hurt my grades.

The king of the quacks.


“I struggle with the delusion that I am a demon who sucks the life and goodness out of people.”

Otherwise known as the mother-In-law delusion.


…then just pretend you’re reading fiction.