Can meditation cure schizophrenia/schizoaffective

i have like this theory that if i meditate for 1 hour a day i should get cured lmao

No. There’s no medical reason why meditation should cure a person of schizophrenia.

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Meditation can actually make schizophrenia and schizoaffective worse.
Be very careful.


Run it by your doctor first.

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can meditation cure sz? no, not at all…it takes meds to fix schizophrenia…


i thought of this theory when i was delusion before meds and i guess it stuck and i been thinking about it ever since

never heard of this how so

Meditation can make psychosis worse that’s all.

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How? I’m curious.

If it did, wouldn’t you think it would be advertised around the world as a cure already? Schizophrenia has been around forever and so has meditation. I haven’t seen or heard of anyone being cured by meditation.

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No it doesn’t cure but i find myself it helps with recovery. Meditation can calm your thoughts. It takes practice.

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I’ve personally used guided meditations for stress reduction, but I think it’s far from a cure.

I can argue it both ways.
pro: stress is a trigger for my symptoms
Con: while already symptomatic, I found myself wandering into scary places

Can you be cured from an amputated limb ?

It does for me, trying serious meditation made me relapse. I do the opposite now – I stay busy as hell all of the time I’m awake.


It made my symptoms worse at the time.

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This really confused me. I thought you said medication and I thought how can you medicate for just an hour a day.

Meditation. I got it now. No clue. Never tried it.

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Meditation causes you to focus on the voices, and they make you go nuts.

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