I'm a good neighbor

Is what the woman in the apartment next to me just told me. Whew, someone finally notices. I moved into this 4 unit building last August meaning to get along with my neighbors and not start any weird feuds. Well, that plan went out the window. I have slight problems with the guy upstairs. Damn. We rarely see each other but I think he hates me; I sure hate him.

Anyways, the lady next to me never fails to be friendly, she’s in her fifties. Her roommate is a woman in her twenties. Yesterday or the day before they invited me inside their apartment to look at some furniture they’re giving away to see if I want it. It looked nice but I have no room or use for it. The young woman didn’t seem to have a problem with me and I have no problem with her.

The only person I have a problem with is the guy upstairs and I rarely see him so it’s manageable. But yeah, that’s why I feel for @roxanna, it’s hard to get along with neighbors even if they like you, but if you develop a problem with a neighbor who lives 10 feet from your front door, you’re peace and serenity and your quality of life can go south rapidly. I know from experience.

The guy upstairs is in his thirties. I’m 57. Maybe the time is right to test my dads quote he liked,
“Old age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.”


My neighbors are ok we talk outside, but no one ever asks me over or anything, back in the day that would be rude, now a days everyone likes people at a distance

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My problem was more with a trespassing and thieving landlord, not the other residents. Consider yourself lucky. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I guess luck is relative.

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Glad yo hear that, why do you worry so much about that neighbor?

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Everyday this goes on I’m learning to put I don’t give a wink . My stomach hurts.

Can I ask u what issues u have with that guy in his thirties? I’m just curious

It’s an apartment and the walls are thin. I get sensitive to noise. I can’t hear the roommate in the next room most of the time but I can hear the neighbor. Enough said.

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I don’t. Like I said, I rarely see him.

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