So far so good in my new place

I think I’m doing OK in my new place .I’m not sure though. I rent a room in a middle-aged couple’s home, there are a few rules, but nothing unreasonable. Today the women asked if she could talk to me for a minute, she told me a few things I’m doing wrong, just little things I have to learn like conserving water (I’m in California and we’re having a drought), and doing my recycling better.

But I think I might be doing OK because they haven’t complained about any behavior or my personal habits. So I count that as a success, I can stand being talked too about household chores and stuff like that but I would worry if they complained that I was rude or something (I’m not). Or if they said I had a bad attitude (I don’t).

My sisters coached me before I moved in and told me to be pleasant and smile when I’m around them, and NO GLARING. I’ve followed that advice. Here’s wishing myself luck that I can keep getting along with them. Now I just have to worry about my job situation.


Sounds very good. Do they know you have schizophrenia?

As a matter of fact they do. My sister knows the lady from doing work business with her and I guess she couldn’t avoid telling her. It isn’t a problem though. It hasn’t been mentioned.

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I totally hear you. Roommates are hard choice. I found smiling a lot of the time does take care of coming across as hostile or irritated. Count 2 seconds before you answer too on anything…

I found it MUCH nicer to just get studio apartment if possible and deal with that…Cheap area of suburbs is almost always okay. But, I met single white female along the way so I only live with a relationship or someone I’ve known forever after that lady’s family problem …

I know that you don’t like me cuz im a drunk but I wish you well in your new life.

You’ve made me mad a couple times but I think you are alright. I just get a little sensitive.

Thanks nick im trying and when I first came here you were very nice to me im sorry for not reciprocating.

Glad things are working out nick!

Sorry about the drought. That doesn’t sound fun.

Thanks. If we use too much water in a month then it’s a fine of $500.00. So you can imagine how careful people are being about using too much water.

That’s insane man.

Probably necessary.

Fingers crossed for some rain.

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