If youre dreams came through

if youre dreams came though what would you do?

what do you mean by this? do you mean achieving a dream?

i mean if my dreams came through would it forfill me

donald trump would be prez


I would have a high paying job and maybe get married. I’ve given up on having kids. Besides, it’s hard to work full time and have kids. I’d want the same for my brother and sister, except maybe for them to have kids too. My family would be completely free of debt, and I would die in my 40’s or 50’s of kidney failure, so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the bull of becoming old. Being old sucks. You slowly lose all of your independence while also losing your mind, until your a mindless,dependent toddler all over again. I would be a fearless driver, and a good one. I’m sick and tired of being a afraid behind the wheel and only being able to drive a couple of places that are familiar. And of course I would go to heaven after I die.

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Just winning big on the lottery would do it for me. I could buy all the rest.

Dreams came true?

I’d have a nice little 3 bedroom bungalow with a garage for wood - working. The third bedroom would be a craft room for my instruments, craft supplies etc…a nice backyard with old tall oak trees. A flower garden surrounding the house with lilies, peonies, and lavender and a small vegetable garden. Lastly, a man that loves me.


I’d be a king with a queen sharing a modest rule over a couple hundred polyamorists in an uncharted kingdom. Infinite food supply provided by nature itself; a planet in which you could see multiple planets & moons with the naked eye. I dunno. That’s what my dreams are like.

Oh yeah, and achieving the perfect physique. That’s 'bout it.


This sounds like my house. I’m only half joking when I say you could probably stay here if you took care of the garden! No vegetable garden, but no objections to someone growing one.

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I dream often that i can fly. If it came true i would tell people see i do know how to fly then i would only hover a few inches from the ground. I usually start flying to escape my enemies though.


Sweet. Where do you live?

Nowhere exciting :flushed: The Midwest.

Same here. I’m in kentucky.

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I’d look like this:

I would still have C but I would go out and have detective kitty adventures all over my forest kingdom.

You think I’m kidding but I’m not.

The bestiality would be weird as hell though.

I’d be content… because it’s a simple dream…

But humans are build for motion… so then I’d probably move on to the next dream… and have something else to strive for.

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I would get a green card and a richman.

Or… i would get a phD in literature and watch my son becoming a real man, as one should be.

( just saw Jim carry singing through elevator)