What Would You Do If All Of Your Dreams Came True?. 🥰

I Ask.

Because I Am Kinda Curious. Kinda For Inspiration. And Wonder.

If All of My Dreams Came True, I’d Thank The Sky!.

What About You?.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
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By that time I’d have died and gone to heaven :blush:

If all of my dreams came true I’d win the lottery, move to Canada and buy a new house and a car.

I would LIVE the dream.


be happy?


That’s ridiculous.

My dreams are stupid, that’s why they are dreams. I don’t want them to come true unless they’re logical and relevant to my station in life. Otherwise I’d squander them.

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buy a house and chill comfortably for the rest of my life never having to worry about needing enough money for anything

some people say its crazy to think that money will fix all your problems or bring happiness but for me if i was a billionaire i would have no problems and be quite happy. i could live the rest of my life in a mansion and probably never go outside further than the property

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Yeah and socialize with the caretakers, maiden,gardener etc…

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I would just live an awesome life.

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My dreams were shattered by sz. But they were dreams not goals which is different. I still daydream but now I have lower expectations from life. Peace of mind, a little love here and there, healthy body and excellent comfort food from time to time.

Then I’d have a new dream.:rofl:

I would wake up. :boar::boar::boar:

Once I reach my dream of being a motivational speaker I’ll try to sell out Madison Square Garden.

I had a good dream last night. In the dream an old roommate i hated shut the power off in my room. So i went to his room when he wasnt home and i just piled everything he owned in the middle of his room.
What was awesome is there was so many small book shelves so i was having a blast throwing all the shelves and books in a pile.
Then sent him a text “your dead” lol

Then i woke up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dreams. While Asleep. While Awake. Learning. Growing. Trying. Giving Up. And Starting Over.

I Wonder If There Is A Purpose Since When It Happens, Whether Tears, Or Laughter, There Is No Escape. Sometimes Great. Sometimes Terrible. But!, We All Want To Feel Good. Don’t We?.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
:dog: :snake: :dog:

P.s. I Found Clarity In The Grace Of Actual Authority.

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