What are your dreams?

What are your dreams?

I dream of living forever with good health.

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Finding a girl that I love.


That life will get easier and I will be financially sound when I get older.

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Both of your replies apply to me as well…


To wake up…


Consciously or physically?


good joke …15

To be really well and able to do paid work
To find a partner maybe

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I’ve the same wishful thinking going on and on.

I realize that not getting married is a better option.

My Father told me, he will have money left for me to lead my life after they are gone.

My Father is 72. My Mother around 50-60

You know, to wake up, is something most of us are not privileged with.

After taking Vitamin B3, B6, D3, Magnesium I became better

but, taking Noopept, it made me realize that I just woke up.

Well the lotto dream will never happen as I never buy a lotto ticket. If only I had the foresight to put the money I didn’t spend on lotto in the bank each week. As I could almost afford the lotto dream by now (sigh).

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To be able to work and to finish my studies.

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To have a good focus, motivation, great health and peace of mind. Once I have health, I can achieve anything.


Yeah, I too had the lotto dream.

Several years ago freelotto.com website sent me an email that I won

and I had to use some other guy’s credit card to claim and

dumb founded myself that I didn’t win anything

I lost about 8000 rupees on that thing and some other casino thing

with the same credit card.

You know back in year 2000 I used to think

these internet guys are lucky why don’t they participate in all lotto websites

and now I have 15 Mbps connection and I never

use lotto or casino or other

junk “win money” websites.

I had my luck and more ofter “bad luck”

with such hoax websites.

So luck is just a lure to trap a fish…

I say, you try powdercity.com website’s noopept.

Out of the 10 times I’ve been to Montreal casino, I’ve won four or five times 500$. I usually don’t play more than a 100$. There’s also an online casino over here and I don’t spend more than 25$ to try my luck but twice I won 500$ on this site. But I rarely buy lottery. My dad won a lot of money from the lottery the month I was born. I was always impressed by that and thought I had great luck but I believe in hard work and dedication.

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What you just said is way too perfect.

All the best and best of luck.

Luck = circumstances turning to be in our favor as we don’t even know them

To finally shed the stress I carry and live the rest of my life in peace.

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We are on the same boat.

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To be a published author
To live in a long and happy marriage with my husband
To get into heaven after I die