If your body isn't used to it, is it possible to get fat initially from weight lifting?

Like your hormones aren’t adjusted to weights, but it gets better with time?

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Never heard of that, I know I have been lifting heavy stuff at work for over 20 years and my body just does not bulk up at all, no fat either.

Thais cause your hormones have adjusted to lifting weight I would guess

You could get more fat if you increase your eating because lifting weights makes you hungry. Try lean protein after your workout to curb the hunger. That’s what my husband would say.


That’s exactly how it works.

What Pianogal said.

I don’t think it has anything to do with hormones. Before I had to take meds, when I was a chubby 12-13 year old, I got more lean lifting weights. It wasn’t until I had to take meds with bad weight gain side effects that I gained weight.

I heard it could be based on your body type I think…not sure if its accurate info. If your the body type that has trouble gaining muscle…your strength is aerobics I think.

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I’ve never heard of that either. If you’re gaining weight, there’s probably some other reason for it.

Well there are 2 kinds of muscle (really there’s more but for the sake of conversation there is 2). There is body builder’s muscle, and there is power lifter’s muscle. Power lifter’s look like this

They may look a bit chunky but that is a lot of muscle. It may not be toned but that comes with time. I’m not very familiar with power lifting routines or really the sport in general other than the goal being to lift as heavy of a weight as possible. However over time I have heard they start to look more like this

But like has been stated, it all depends on how much you eat, what you eat, at what time, ect.

I agree with @ZmaGal but wanted to add that muscle weighs more than fat (i.e. it’s more dense). So that if you loose some fat but gain some muscle that is the same size as the fat was, then you will actually gain some weight. Also, I noticed that when loosing weight, my body tends to get stuck in these ruts where it is hard to get past a point in terms of weight loss. I have to push past it, then can loose more weight easier.


No…or at least I’ve never heard of it…however muscle does have weight, so building muscle may make you gain weight in muscle, but not fat.

just by plain observation i am thinking lifting that much weight would rupture spinal discs and cause back problems. spinal discs do not get stronger like a muscle.

They can get stronger. Just like how martial artists get their hands tougher to break bricks at competitions. The only thing you can’t get stronger are your internal organs.

i once delivered a truckload of styrofoam to a place that makes those cinderblocks which are partly concrete. they’re actually quite fragile.

That’s not the point. The point is that you can harden parts of your skeletal system by applying incremental force to it. Fighters have those ugly hard ears because of this. People lift that weight, and much more all the time.

The heaviest bench press was over 1000 pounds. I think somewhere around 1075 pounds. That is no small feat. Even if your muscles were strong, if you have a regular skeletal system, the stress on it from being under 1000 lbs will snap your arms. There are also vitamins that will make your bones strong. One I just learned of, Vitamin C, keeps your bones from going soft and being malformed.

Yeah…everytime I get into serious exercise you gain weight early. That is a good thing. Your adding muscle.

It’s a long process and you’ve got to do it over time with eating well.

Nothing is easy with mental illness. We earn our bread!

I saw a monk take a spear blade to the throat… and bend it… how does one do this? I know Its taught just how… granted the blade is not razor sharp and the spear is chinese…which seems to be pretty flexible…but still just putting your bodies weight onto a metal point at the throat…i dont think everyone can do this…

Same principle. Your hands and feet build calluses after a lot of use. Especially your feet. I’ve seen a guy bend a metal pole with the same part of the throat just by pressing into it. Although what they do probably amounts to magic tricks.

So…i punch and kick…but with my throat…to build up…my…what… i could make myself cry pressing my thumb to my throat…how do even train to train that lol…

Its probably muscle in the neck…plus as you said magic…

Well the idea is to start small and build up like everything else in life lol