If you won the lottery how would you spend the money?

It kind of depends on how much i won. But i’m a simple person after i put enough away for me and my family i would start a nonprofit to help rescue pets probably. and give the rest away i think. I don’t need that much money. :slight_smile:




I’ve always wanted to start a non-profit free clinic for the mentally ill. In my area, there are so many people who can’t get the care they deserve.

It’s needless suffering, much like that of neglected animals, that I can’t bear to see.




my biggest fear would be to turn into someone like the kardashians. They seem so money oriented and empty really. It doesn’t mean they are bad people just not my type. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the article about Chuck Feeney and Anthony i agree a nonprofit for the mentally ill would be good too. :slight_smile:

One thing that always bugs me is when i see celebrities trying to get you to donate money! i feel like saying why don’t you take some money out of your milliondollar bank account instead of asking people that make a small portion of what you do.

I would go to grad school somewhere expensive, donate a ton to places like the zoo and the local mental hospital, and then sit on a few mil just to live comfortably and then donate it upon my death. I like fantasizing about having money cuz I dont lol


If it was a large amount… first split it in half. Half I would make sure I’m no longer a financial burden to my family, and pay for my sisters schooling. Then I could donate the rest.


Hmm that’s a good one me I would buy out nasa and send a ship to venus to bring back life fasales of life when the plant was alive and have a space museum out of it. The tax money I would give to this web site lord knows they need the money!

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difficult, i would start a cat asylum probarly.
i dont know i have a weakness for cats, yet than you are also confrontend
with things like hopelessness and sometimes are forced too letting cats go.

so. i dunno yet i would do something that improves live beside that of my own,


If i won a large amount on the Euro lottery i would give about 10% of it each to my father/brother/sister/ and two step daughters. Out of the rest i would buy a house for my brother and I but have my brother deal with the logistics as i’m no good at that kind of thing. I would then donate a chunk to the local homeless charity and mental health charities and live off the rest.


I’d get a commercial, a live press conference on TV,
I’d announce that I’m forming a military, world’s best,
if you are a leader in a world army, come talk to me I’m paying five times what you make.
We are gonna take over one NATO ship, from there we will fan out across the waters
of the earth fantastic and rob every last man woman and child on land and sea of all precious metals, specially gold, then we’re piloting the vessel over to the tonga trench, gonna sink it,
get that metal back in the ground where it beloings, salvation of mankind,
atleast the ones lucky enough not to be the collateral damage committed during commission of a theft…


I would pay off my parents mortgage then I would buy a home and then I would build a building for the homeless and a soup kitchen.


I would put it in the bank and live off the interest. Go on a road trip because I can’t take planes anymore. Go camping someplace awesome and go fishing. It’s not costly but I still love to do it. I would buy a crapload of yarn. A bottle of rum. Some cigarettes. A new car. If I had a lot I would buy houses for my family all on the same block so we could visit. I would buy a golden retriever for my son because I could afford the vet bills. A hamster. A nice garden in my yard. I would buy some art supplies for my schizophrenia group and fund their camping trip for the summer. Buy a wii u for my boy. Have a party with crab legs and rib eye steaks. Donate to my sons school for autism. Fund the research for dca for cancer treatment.


Uh what about the cure for mental illness y’all. I’d definitely donate to that. Donate to people who I like in congress. Donate to NORML to get legislation passed on all the states. Donate to Bill Nye and his planetary mission. Donate to end stigma on mental health by putting up signs on billboards everywhere. Donate to the research of better anti psychotic medicine. Donate to better agriculture. Donate to putting the useless law makers out of power.


Pay off bills, go to school and build a house in the country.

Fighting stigma would be great too.


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pretty much give it all away to a charity for the mentally ill, sick children, animal shelters, and the arts- starving artists and writers and dancers, but basically give it all away.
take care

I could only imagine how may stray cats and dogs I’d have!

I would donate $$$$ to my psychiatric day program. :sunny:

I would open some businesses to make even more money right.

But then use most of it to parade around earth making life waaaayyyyyyyy better for everybody.

Get people off of drugs, give the orphans a home, save the animals, cure/prevent diseases, stop wars, all of it really i would try and begin to fix.

It would take alot of time but i could just pass it on down to the next guy who wants to do it.

I would just use it to make as much money as possible to help with what i could, and keep only what i needed for myself. If i opened up the right places it would be a ceaseless fountain of money i could use to fix problems for people.

it depends on how much i won. if i won big then i would buy a big hluse and have more children while i still have working equipment. i would probablt then spend most of my time at college, making clothes, recording songs to put on u tube, have plastic surgery. and i would open a free psychiatric hospital for people as they have closed the one nearest to me.