If you look approachable... people will approach you - pondering

There has been a new person signed on to my small work crew…

For a few weeks she did as she was asked… but people started saying she’s stuck up. Doesn’t smile… doesn’t initiate a conversation… (manic spikes don’t count)

We’re too busy for this sort of gossip… I asked her to ride with me for a few days since I don’t like gossip.

Come to find out… she’s battling some deep social anxiety… is really afraid of large groups of people.

I was wondering if I come off as stuck up since I’m not that chatty in public… I keep to my job and myself… I don’t jump into a conversation.

I decided to try and smile more… make a conscience effort to look more open…more approachable…

the trouble is… people do approach me more… I guess that’s a good thing… but I don’t feel that comfortable with people approaching me.

Best for me to go back to relax and let my face go back to it’s empty neutral state.


My psychologist once described an improvement for me as “looking more approachable.”


good on you for offering her some kindness and support :heart:
take care :alien:
when i smile i just look evil :imp:

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