How friendly are you?

I admit to having bad attitudes derived from the way the meds make me feel. So flat and dull. When the meds aren’t effecting me as much, I am way more friendly. Although as I go out shopping in public the looks on some peoples faces. Just look mean as hell. Maybe they don’t want to give off that expression but just is. I guess its also a trust issue. If you trust me I’ll trust you kind of thing. But if they are looking at me and I feel like a negativity I guess they are just having a bad day. I’m friendly for the most part, but I have my days like ugh what the hell are you staring at me for moments. And honestly I don’t like feeling that way I’d rather open up and talk to people. Breaking the ice no matter how thick that can be eases tensions you never thought could exist. So openly talking no matter how boring seems to be the key to shutting down your own hatreds.


i have a personal space of five kms, give or take.
i am very friendly if you are outside that space…!!
take care


On the surface I get by for a short while. Underneath - Don’t touch me.

I saw a woman in a fabric store. Pinned to her dress was a paper sign that said - Do Not Touch.


I have been busy doing my self-designated work these years, but I was always looking for someone who has something in common with me. I was ready to talk with them and had fun through exchanging ideas and feelings. To those who is different from my interest my stance was “it’s good talking with you by chance and good bye.”

So I reckon I have been quite friendly.

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I am not very friendly looking but when you talk to me I sound very friendly,sometimes overly friendly…

Robert Frost wrote - Good fences make good neighbors.


I don’t go out of my way to be friendly with strangers like my friend does. She says hello to everyone. I kind of keep to myself, unless it’s necessary.

I have my own personal space, I hate being crowded, I also prefer to be in the back if in a crowded area because I don’t have to worry about what the people behind me are doing, I just have focus around and in front of me. I try to be nice but people tell me I need to smile more all the time. Sorry but I don’t always feel like smiling, to busy trying not to physically talk to the voices in my head…hide the schizophrenia that I suffer from because everyone whose telling me to smile more has made that label a bad thing.

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i don’t like people standing behind me either,…or for that matter in front of me , or beside me.
just ignore people who tell you to smile more, they wouldn’t say that to some one with cancer…
the people in my head , mostly aliens these days are way more interesting than the ’ muggles ’ around me.
stay strong.
take care

I can stand to have people in front of me or next to me. I can see those people clearly and can watch what they’re doing and given proper amount of time i can react accordingly. It’s the people behind me I hate, I can’t see what they’re doing and I don’t know how to prepare myself for whatever it is they decide to do.

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It took a while for me to understand this word, and then I realized how accurately this quote has expressed what I wanted to say in my post. Sorry about my late response, I still have a language barrier.

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I have in the past been very friendly in public, playing venues like the Groovefest in college in between bands on the guitar, I could joke around a bit and get applause from the crowd. I try to remember that most people are very nice because of this. If someone isn’t already smiling at me or mentions something in line at the cashier I try to be as minimal in talking about anything. I watch for panic attacks but I’ve gained control of the anxiety now when I’m alone in stores, etc. I pretend my mother goes with me…haha…isn’t that funny?

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I’m shy and awkward, and therefore reticent. I think people sometimes take my reticence for hostility. I guess I should make more of an effort, but the harder I try the worse I mess up.

I’m rather aloof with strangers, I don’t like them getting too close to me, but if people smile I usually smile back.

I used to be friendly and cheerful. Smile and greet my friends and other people. Now these days smile less but still care about my family and others. Miss laughing and taking myself less seriously. Am put down a lot by others.

Im actually extroverted- I enjoy others company and love talking to friends. I make a point to introduce myself to people and be nice to them. Like today at the gym I introduced myself to a guy who takes his whole family to the gym. I just noticed hes always there and figured it would be nice to acknowledge that. I texted with an old friend who I see during spring and winter breaks for well over an hour tonight, we bullshitted and I informed him of what is up with everyone here in the town we went to high school in. I texted with another friend who is actually schizophrenic for half an hour, maybe a little more, we always talk pretty in depth and can ramble with each other for hours and do so regularly.

I am pretty friendly on the surface, even if I dont like someone, I was raised to be a gentleman and I know how to behave but things I say in private can contradict how I behave in public. Like even if I think someone is an ■■■■■■■ I am polite and shake their hand when I see them and show them respect to their face. I mentioned a guy from our graduating class and said some not pleasant things about him to said old friend I texted for a long time tonight, but when I see him at reunions and parties and crap I am very friendly to him.

I am friendly to everyone except people on the streets in my city. You come to memphis for the barbeque, you stay because you got murdered. LOL

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I am really looking up
On you @mortimermouse ,but the thing is I am quite different from you…even at my workplace where I went there daily I could not say “hello”“gd morning” or even a simple eye contact,it’s really frustrating to see some doing so well yet I am stuck in this situation,but well everyone had their own life,hopefully my behavior can change when I work on my attitude

Not giving eye contact is rude,making eye contact for a while and not saying anything is rude + awkward

I see now that you do have a problem of being social. No wonder you have put a lot of attention to your social skills or attitude.

You will get there slowly just as you get on very well with us on this site.


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I think for the most part, I’m pretty friendly. I try to be. I had to re-learn it, but it came.

I guess the thing is… I like people. I’ve always liked people for the most part. I think I’m getting better at being friendly.


I’m pretty friendly once you get to know me. That’s always the hardest step.

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