If you lived alone

how much would you spend on food per month?

  • 50$ -
  • 51-100
  • 101-150
  • 151-200
  • 200$ +

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If you do the math $300 is only $10 per day. Hard to eat on that where I live.

I live alone, and I spend in the $151-200/month range. I try to budget, but yeah, still comes out to around that much per month.

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If I don’t eat out, I can pretty easily live on like $100 worth for food.

I’m sure I’d break $200 per month. My organic unpasteurized raw almonds are like $10 per pound (way cheap for what they are) and I eat two servings per day. I recently paid $14 a pound for cheese.

There are two things happening here. First, I try to eat organic whenever possible and second, I live in the middle of nowhere and if I have to buy anything even remotely locally, I pay 2-3 times what I should. We’ve had car trouble as of late, so the cost of local food has been noticeable.

Erf. Well, I’m Canadian so our food costs about 4x - 5x what Americans are used to. That ‘free’ health care we have? Guess where they hide the tab for it? I’d probably spend more than $200/wk in USD though. I like organic greens and a nice thick steak. No point working your arse off as hard as I do without some perks in return.


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“how much would you spend on food per month?”

well I theoretically suppose to spend 6$ per day. but sometimes I go over.
like I have a bad day and I end up ordering food.

so I’d say above 200$. :disappointed_relieved:

I’d send between 161 and 200 but my coffee habit would put me over 400. I am addicted to Starbucks. I don’t stop because it is one of my small joys in life.

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I’m trying to feed a family of 5 on ~$400 a month.

Reading your responses here… it makes me glad I’m not over-spending, but also aware of how impossible my situation is.

It’s a good thing one of my kids really loves Ramen noodles (yuck), and that I’m pretty good at finding deals on food…

I haven’t eaten in eighteen years.

They just make people think that i do but i don’t.

I stopped eating all that time ago when they began to torture me.

And even though i did this they fed me by other means against my will.

Without eating a piece or drinking a drop i live on against my will, for i am truly cursed.

You know how kenny from south park kept coming back to life because his parents were in a cult and no one knew. That’s real and i am one of those.

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I live alone, and I typically spend around 150$ a month on foods.
It’s not the healthiest of foods, but I manage.

I usually spend like 300 bucks a month? Sometimes if I really stretch it I can make it last for two. But that’s how much I spend on everything, not just food. Personal items and whatnot as well.

Like @47average I also unfortunately have a love for overpriced Starbucks coffee :pensive:

I eat pretty well on that amount. I don’t feel like I am skimping. I might try some more expensive items, because I have some extra food stamps.

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If I lived alone I would try to spend $300 for groceries. But can’t go with out my morning coffee. Maybe I would live on coffee drinks and not eat._

I do live alone. I spend about $200 a month on groceries. And that is not even much food. That is just stuff like toilet paper and soap and cat litter and cat food and breakfast cereal and dry milk and toothpaste and shampoo and mostly non food items. I get my food from my Assisted Living facility provided for me here. I go to Hyvee which is an outrageously expensive grocery store. But, I don’t own a car and they deliver.