If you live with your parents, what are your plans for


If you live with your parents, what are your plans for when they die and/or you can’t live with them anymore?


Live off the inheritance in the house they own. Try to make things work that way but something stupid will probably happen and I’ll end up homeless. I don’t like my future it’s very bleak.


Finish my education, get a job, move out.


not a big difference, I’m going to be a snowbird, going south for the winter months, which I’m encouraging them to do


Doesn’t the thought of homelessness scare you? I’m trying to make plans for what I’ll do if something happens to my husband.


Not really cause I figure I can just die at that point I won’t have anyone left. But I figure if I’m homeless I’ll figure out how how it works and I guess I’ll survive somehow. There are plenty of homeless people and they’re alive. Everyone is telling me I’m gonna end up homeless anyways cause I can’t do meds so I’m just expecting it at this point.


I’m not totally sure. Maybe live in their house still with a roommate. I have a friend who has talked to me about living together when her kids are grown up.


If he is healthy and working, ask him to get life insurance for you, incase something happens to him, you’d get some money from the government to pay off debt and continue your life.

You can also get on disability income?


me and my partner wanted to get life insurance for each other, but it did not work out because I am disabled.
I can not buy life insurance, mental illness is in the black list. So instead he got for me. I am grateful for that I guess.


@mermaid1 he already has life insurance with his ex wife. She had it put in the divorce decree he can’t change the plan at all. We can’t afford to add another plan. I’m on disability but I only get $735/mo.


@Noise how bad are your symptoms. Are you aware they’re symptoms or do you believe them sometimes?


I believe many of my symptoms are more than just symptoms but I can rationalize some things. I don’t obey my voices blindly I try to fact check I’m used to my visuals which can be frightening but now I know how to deal with them. The paranoia is bad but it’s whatever. I’m not very functional at the moment though. My “symptoms” are getting worse idk what to do really.


I believe what’s going on too. Everyone tells me it’s not real but I really struggle with that because to me, it’s real. I have a really hard time believing I’m delusional. I feel like a fake on social security but apparently at work I talk to people who aren’t there. So I’m afraid to go back to work just in case.


I’m glad I’m not the only one. I feel so weird going on disability cause it’s like I’m trying to convince them I’m crazy even though I don’t think I am. But I can’t prove anything I see/hear/feel is real. And i unfortunately cant prove my “delusions” either. It does interfere with my life and work and stuff, But I guess I’m just crazy that’s what people tell me at least. I just hope I don’t end up homeless that would suck. I probably would just die.


I live with both my elderly parents and this is on my mind.
I will probably continue to live in the house but with maybe roommates.

Or I will move into a group home.


i live with my grandparents instead of parents but, im hoping to get the kinks worked out in the coming weeks so i can get into college for the fall 2018 semester, and hopefully, though its a very long road, i want to become a psychiatrist. im hoping ill have more mental strength by then. i wanna live on campus and everything, but i still need money while im going to college for other stuff…idk how thats gonna work, because there is no way i can hold down a job AND go to school full time. i couldnt even hold down a job without the school, how the hell am i gonna do it with school full time on my plate too?


Maybe a group home instead of death @Noise?


@Wave I’ve thought about roommates but I’m nervous about trusting people.


@korieve. Good luck on your dream! I hope you figure out a way to make it happen! :slight_smile:


@Pianogal I prefer death a group home they’ll take away all my freedom and force pills down my throat. I choose death.