If you live with your parents, what are your plans for


@Noise. Are you sure group homes can force medication?


Idk actually. I just know my luck also i know id assume that theyd be drugging me against my will either way.


@Pianogal I’m like very suspicious of people around my food. So im probably wrong don’t follow my example


Yeah this is my problem too @Pianogal.
Hopefully I will overcome it.
I have trust issues.


When I was dependent on my parents I couldn’t imagine how I would support myself without them. If it wasn’t for the med’s I could have worked digging ditches, but the med’s messed up my body temperature regulating mechanisms so much that it put that out of the question. Sacking groceries didn’t work out. I’ve lived on the street and eaten out of garbage cans for a while, but not for a long period of time. That was where I probably would have gone if I didn’t end up in a group home. Taking the med’s was out of the question if I was living on the street because of the body temperature thing. I ended up in a group home. I’ve been here over sixteen years. It’s not a bad place. I’m kinda wondering where I will go from here, though.


Seem group home might be fun… do u have television in your room @crimby … we dont have group home facilities in Nepal … lucky u…!!!


Yes. I do, because of the “independent living program” I am in. Most of the residents at my group home don’t have that, though.


Do u cook ur own food…!!! I am glad u are indepandant …how do you spend ur days in assisted living center…u seem happy to live there…do u go out often… how is ur negative symptoms acting…i have severe cognitive dsyfunction…do u read books @crimby


I don’t live with my dad but he said he would leave me and my sisters $10k that we split. Also my nephews get some rings and so do I. I don’t remember who gets what though because he just showed me which one instead of documenting it. So if it’s not in the will, I’ll just let the boys pick which one they want by hiding it behind my back and making them pick a hand (My father always did this when I was young to make it fair with whoever I was sharing with, so I thought it would be a good way to honor his memory)

EDIT: My Mom will be buried in the family graveyard from her side of the family.


Tougher times. My sister and brothers probably won’t want the house. I will probably get some of the little brothers to move in. Go from there. Whilst my parents are alive I have a great life. A airconditioned room. I look after the outside of the house…lawn etc and practically do nothing else. The cat and I are both very grateful and very happy.

If my parent’s go will just have to adjust.


I haven’t read much lately, but there were times in the past where I was reading voraciously. We go to day treatment about six or seven hours a day. We go to town once a week, sometimes twice a week to get groceries. We also go on an occasional field trip. Today we’re going into Fayetteville, Ark. for our annual Christmas trip. I microwave most of my own food, though the microwave is out right now, and I’m using my stove to warm my food. My negative symptoms are killing me. I’m going to die of doing nothing.


U are kind soul @crimby …yes i do nothing yes …!!! But soon reasearch will take the infamous turn…And we could see big progress…there are some med coming out for negTive symptoms too… take care american hero @ Tom … have a lovely day ahead…


Why are u still awake crimby…what time iz it in ur place …!!! I just had lunch tea and roti…what are u upto …


I still live with my parents. they support me financially now, but I hope to change that. I am determined to suceeed in making an independent living and to be able to help them when they get really old.

I love my parents and don’t want them to live the rest of their days in fear for my uncertain future.

But I am not really afraid of homelessness per se. I think it sucks balls, but happiness is an inner state which can be attained regardless of money or possessions. All you need is faith in yourself. If you have faith in a higher power, that’s ok too.


I think females have to worry about homelessness more because of how unsafe it is for them. It’s unsafe for men too, but it’s especially dangerous for women.


I concur. Women are more vulnerable than men regardless of age, and moreover, younger women risk being abused far more than men at the same age. :disappointed:


Right now i am in a sotuation where i can’t work. Not because of sz, but because of this social security situation. So i’m building skills while i wait. Making vlogs, music, working on a documentary. It’s all going to pay off one day.


Are you in the process of trying to get social security?


Yes. Been trying since early last year…but I’m glad i documented myself hallucinating on camera so i can show that to them. Didn’t think about that until after i captured the moment.


That’s an interesting idea to do that.