Recatalouging visuals

Visual hallucinations:

An alien, a grey.

A ufo.

A ghost, what they would call a ghost anyway.

A satyr.

A shadow person.

Another shadow, not a like a person.

A large serpent made of light the size of a tree, very detailed.

A very large siamese sitting by the garbage cans, didn’t move a non-existant muscle.

A brightening and then dimming(breathing) light that caused me to go outside where i saw the snake.

Before seeing the snake i saw a tree flashing and waving around like an animation, it was the only thing in my field of vision doing this.

A being became the movie i was watching during second psychosis and began to grin at me and stare at me after turning slowly around to do so. I know it was a hallucination and no one would have seen it, but that doesn’t mean that it really was someone, i knew it was someone and so did it.

A light being inside of a tree. There was a triangular doorway in the tree, the being had no face but only white light where a face should be, she wore a large gown of some sort, and i heard “sssshhhhhhhh” next to my head while i watched. She was made of light.

A bus driver had faery ears, large pointy ears.

I looked out of the bus and the clouds were very detailed farm animals, like four of them, and for some reason they were extremely happy. That was a wierd one, it didn’t seem to have anything to do with anything.

The trees are made of faces, some would say this was a hallucination but i think other people can see them to, the trees form detailed faces made of light and shadow. At my brother’s place i remember this one that appeared to be chewing when the wind blew, it was very very detailed.

Twice i was physically harmed while faces made of light appeared, one face appeared while i was shocked badly, it was smiling and had fangs. Another face appeared while i was burned, which left two marks, it was very close to my head and i can’t remember the details because i looked away quickly, but it was there.

Visuals, not frequent really but i have had quite a few.

I used to see people talk about me. Like I would watch professors tell the class stuff like “this idiot wearing all black who sits in the back is schizophrenic and thinks our watch program is all in his head”.

Fun times.

That’s where I’m at. I swear these people are talking about me from time to time. We are trying to treat you. They quit using there telepathy because I quit prompting it. I little start to go crazy if I think about it.

I see shadow people in my peripheral. I see a shadow cat dart by me all of the time. Sometimes I see things jiggle or move.

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