Any visuals?

Can i hear some of your visual hallucinations please?

Or all of them?

I saw a Mini Cooper with green wheels. It really bothers me because why would I see something so mundane. I don’t even like mini coopers.

All my other hallucinations are like a dream world, pulsating like an old fashioned Mickey Mouse cartoon. Those I get, I’m not happy with this reality

My first visual hallucination was when i first started getting sick, i was sitting on my bed and i looked up at the door and a demon’s head came out. Other than that i’ve seen shadows staring at me. I’ve also seen visual hallucinations of certain voices that i’ve heard like aaron, devon and rebecca.

I tought I saw a puddy cat.


blue people
space ships
dark angels
dragon spirit guide
different planets
talking animals
huge bugs i.e ants, spiders etc
moving walls
i think that covers it.
take care

I saw Blue man twice, and Hitler with his generals twice. Thats the only hallucinations i had, i was also delusional, i didn’t take Hitler seriously, i was not medicated and not diagnosed. The blue man hallucinated after taking the first med.

When I was at the height of my illness it was hard to tell what was Sz and what was LSD. I still see the house fire my sis and I were in. When I’m not doing well I see moving walls and furniture growing and shrinking, huge spiders,

But even when I am doing well, I do see a cat. It’s just an old tuxedo cat bopping around out of the corner of my eye. Not even a fire breathing demon cat… just a cat, that can levitate.

I saw the shadows also, a full blown shadow person right in front of me, and then i passed out like i was put to sleep.

A strange time to just wake up for no reason i would say, i just woke up and looked and there it was, i looked for a moment and then seemed to faint.

Me also.

I saw a space ship as well, i learned that shaman also see them all of the time out there in the wildernesses of the world.

I also saw a ghost, looked entirely human and had really old clothes on, it appeared to float or levitate as movement, just stared at me.

I’ve never heard of any blue people though, but i suppose they could make us see whatever really.

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the blue people i see are about 9 foot tall, live between two universes and they have the ability to change time.
i call them blue because that is what they look like, kinda see through and wispy .
i find it all interesting the different things i see, it is never a dull moment in my sz mind.
take care

Are the blue people “finders?”

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what is a finder?
take care

Almost like a laser, but much more subtle.
I had this habit when alone (which was more often than not) of never turning on the lights or using anything that used electricity, just Like the olden days before electricity. I used to stay very still for many hours, hiding in a different spot each time. Then I would wait for them to “find” me. A blue light would come into the room, seeking to expose my hiding spot, which eventually happened,

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wow that is different, do you still encounter them ?
my blue people are friendly and tell me about the future and show me other universes,
worlds people/beings,it is quite amazing .
take care

Its changed form. Now that Iam never alone and a whole lot less stressed,I don’t hide in the dark anymore.
Now, I catch glimpses of navy blue, mostly solid forms darting away from a few feet in front of me. I kept thinking it was my husband, yet he was opposite of where they were. He has seen them quite a few times, but always farther away.
They don’t scare me like humans do, They are welcome in my house, as it’s plenty big enough for all.

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