If you guys and gals really want to hear

a total and complete ear sore and eye sore, here goes. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

I made a very terrible recording of myself playing Largo by Handle but my smartphone wouldn’t upload it saying the video was in the wrong format. It’s just as well. The recording was so bad it would have shocked the heck out of everybody.


That’s too bad. I was looking forward to being carried away

You would need to upload it to SoundCloud or something similar, and provide a link to it. It’s free to open an account,

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Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Keep practising with a metronome and you will get better :slight_smile:

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I can’t hear modern, digital metronomes above my playing. I tried that.

You can buy on old school one?
Or you could just try to find a different metronome that has a different tone.

I think its quite normal to have preferences about what kind of pitch and tone you want your metronome to be.

You can get them on your phone from an app store too if you want to just try stuff out for free.

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SoundCloud banned me from their website five years ago in retaliation for my canceling my premium membership. I don’t know if I am welcomed back.

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That’s a shame, I’ve never had premium service but I can still use it. Maybe worth trying again?

You could also use YouTube.

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I just tried using sound cloud. They want $10 a month. They are crazier than I am.

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Soundcloud is more or less a dead platform. From what I’ve heard they just bleed money.
You can still make a free account, but who know how long it will still be around for.

That’s a shame. Every time I start the app, it asked me for the $10, but there is also a no thank you button.

I saw no ‘no thank you’ button.

What do you mean by bleeding money? Do you mean they, the company are losing money?

Yeah. I have a friend who works in the music industry. He says that SoundCloud has basically never made profit.

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