Give me a zan

This was fun to make. From zero to 100 real quick


This is some trip stuff


i like the second. interesting beats. tripping stuff like the sound of a ship hourne kinda spacy. if you dont mind me asking, do you use any particular software? If you use software would you have a starting point for a beginner to mix some beats? Where to get beats? I’d like to dive into this. I love music and I really liked what you created and you said it was fast.

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Fl studio man, i can teach you

There’s a free version of it

You make the beats from scratch or samples

I am downloading it. I will install and play with it. I may ask you for directions. i truly thank you. I am after this for so long.

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I am on discord if you have that app

I dont know what you mean. I dont know the word discord. couldn’t find a translation. can you rephrase it?

Its an application mate

wow. just installed. looks awesome. thank you immensely. if you knew for how long i have being waiting for this. i googled stuff but it never came out right. i guess i didnt know how to specify what i wanted.

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How old are you? are you from oversee?

Ey dont worry about it. We learn togheter

i am at maresias , brazil. i appreciate it.

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i am digging this big time. this is exactly what i had in mind. powerful stuff. wonderful.

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i am 51. fifty one.

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