If you could do college over

What would you pick as your major? I would have gone for performing arts in the city. Pursued my dreams to be a musician. Instead I picked psychology and never really got a job in the field.

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Tough question, as I originally wanted to go into Journalism to be a sports anchor-- my GPA got in the way of me getting into Journalism school though… Too much partying.

I think in retrospect, I’d stick with Sociology. Super interesting and it’s helped navigate some of the difficulties associated with this illness.

If I could do it over I’d pick computer science instead of engineering for sure.


This is a guaranteed passing grade if you went back. If I were guaranteed A’s I’d do performing arts.

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I would do English as an undergraduate and nutrition as a postgraduate

Nutrition is a totally amazing topic to discover.

We are talking about what we put in our body every day and the way that food affects us…

It’s totally fascinating

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I still think I’d pick Sociology… I had awesome professors and the subject matter is ever-changing. I dig it a lot.

I would not wag and I would study and succeed at the agriculture college I went to and I would focus on sustainability and care work for animals and environment and become as educated as I can .

It was the best school I ever been too and the teachers were the best but I was destructive because I had been so bullied in Onsala before college.
I never completed college unfortunately.

I would be a good girl.
I would not smoke and I would not drink alcohol and I would be in bed early and probably not have sex .

I would just like to do college, period. Circumstances always conspired against me in this department.

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I would do something that has to do with computers and programming. The techies are ruling the world and earning all the money. I originally wanted to study automobile engineering before uni…maybe that as well.

Wish I hadn’t joined fraternity.

I botched my college years too. Started drinking freshmen year then started smoking sophomore year. My grades declined steadily. Senior year I had like a .61 gpa

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I would not do anything differently. My field was Industrial Management and during my studies I visited other nations such as France, England and the Soviet Union. I studied also at one business school in Michigan and wrote my Master’s thesis in Georgia, the USA. I liked studying a lot. Well that is a long time ago already.

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I would continue with the major I originally studied – geography. There are a ton of jobs in the geography field, and lots of them pay well. I’ve thought about going back and finishing my degree online (I even applied to some schools), but I just never followed through with it. Don’t think I could even do school online – too many cognitive symptoms.

Actually I changed my mind.
I would have stuck to biomedical life sciences
And then nutrition as a masters.

That was what I did

Just I didn’t do so well.

Because of my mental health.

You can learn the English language from these two courses too.

I just wish wish wish I wasn’t so unhappy but I was so I accept it

That’s great to be able to look back and say you wouldn’t do anything differently. A lot of people wish they had that. You should feel fortunate to have found something you care about.

I didn’t join a frat but was basically part of one. We had a group of 15 guys that would get together every weekend and have huge parties. I really miss being so social. I’m glad I wasn’t in a real one. I remember we had a band practice in my girlfirends basement. They lived next to a frat so we could hear them hazing the kids. They made them do push ups and stuff. It sounded so stupid

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I would not mess up the missed opportunities with women I had back then. I had one conversation where she started to talk about sex and I looked at her terrified and ran away. Practically no opportunities these days so I kick myself when I think about the past sometimes.

I studied mathematics, and that’s still the speciality that I would like to pursue.
Actually my mathematics skills have only improved since then.

For various reasons those who could more than hold their own with the average college student don’t manage to go to college. You’re firmly in that category.

I just wish I could’ve got past the crippling social anxiety , and had been equipped to cope with the practical aspects of college life.The trouble was I was way below the baseline for the independent living skills that would have been needed.

If I could’ve got past that, and stayed well,politics would have been a high ranking choice.