If you ask me, not fearing death is not normal


Fear just mean you’re not ready for something and nobody’s ready to die until they are old. A “death wish” is a psychiatric term that I suppose means mentally ill. It can be mistaken for tired.


Na, there’s a significant percentage of the world that don’t fear it. What they prefer is a different story though.


Every so often I become a bit obsessed about death. Currently I’m obsessed about death.


I don’t know. This is one of those things I have trouble understanding.

Religious people are sure of an afterlife but seem unsure at the same time.

I don’t know. I’m mixed about it except I remember some things I seen on t.v. a long time ago about some persons experiences.

All I want is to be in a state of grace regardless…Yet the people who I would think would not create fear about it do.


I didnt want to kill myself physically.

But i did feel good when i was afraid i would die soon.


I agree Chordy, it’s natural to fear death.

If you look at it from an evolutionary perspective, the people who were afraid of death would run away from it, and live to spread their genes. Those who didn’t fear it, would risk death and perhaps die, and be unable to spread their genes.

So, we are the heirs of people who feared death, who avoided it and lived to have children.

And the thought of not existing, is something that perplexes out brains. We can’t get our heads around it, and it makes us afraid.

Me I fear death, but… so what if I’m afraid, life is harder.


yeah people do tend to fear the unknown


I must be an odd ball then I do not fear death, and sadly a lot of time I welcome it to come swiftly to me.


I kind of don’t fear dieing.

Prob not right in the head lol.


Death is not scary… life is so full of horror…i dont want to go now but when its time ill smile at the reaper…


I have such a firm belief that I know where I’m going and that it’s better than here that I think it would be abnormal to not want to go. I struggle with that. Anyone who believes in reconciliation with God after here should be in a hurry for that, shouldn’t they? I am. I can’t wait. I do not fear death. I fear being old and helpless in this cruel world…


Recently, I was having some persistent bleeding that lasted over four months and I had to have a diagnostic colonoscopy and I was surprisingly unconcerned about it all. I had very little anxiety. I hardly ever thought about it the whole four months I was waiting for the test. That is very unusual for me. Usually, (before my son died), I’d be an absolute nervous wreck before diagnostic tests. Now that I know my son is in ------ I don’t worry about my dying first anymore. I used to always worry about who was going to take care of him if I died. I worry no more. My son had paranoid schizophrenia and he took his own life in May of 2011.


Im so sorry… theres no sz in the after life…


@Skinnyme1, I can’t begin to fathom the pain of that loss. I’m so very sorry. God bless your heart. :heart:


I don’t fear death anymore. When I was 10 I used to be terrified of death. But now even though I’m not certain what will happen I did do quite a bit of research on NDE’s and cross-culturally as well… There were many mixed experiences. So I’m not certain exactly what will happen to me because it is different for different people… sometimes similar sometimes not… I feel confident that there is something after. I do not fear death anymore.


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