If the Vietnam War Were Remotely Justified Here Is How the Aftermath Would Have Gone

After the Communist victory in 1975 the the Vietcom launched an invasion fleet across the Pacific with help from Russia and China. By January, 1976 the flotilla had island hopped to the West Coast and Alaska. Then there was a beachhead established on the California coastline in the south near San Diego. The Bicentennial celebration was marred by the report that the last eastern California city was taken by the Communists and Las Vegas was surrounded. The US leaders considered launching the nukes but self-preservation took over. So the US army was slowly driven back by Communist forces with New York City the last to fall. There were several revolts which were bloodily put down. Now the Communist Party leaders own the best land and American citizens live in ghettos and communes in a “worker’s paradise”. I wish we were united and nipped this business in the bud back during the Vietnam war before it led to this.