Where were you in Sept 1991

I was engaged in America, but somehow I miss the Soviet Union. I know this thinking can conflict with other views. But for the old good times let’s play Soviet Techno Anthem :smiley: Years have passed, then in 1991 I was just 24 years old, the world changes.

It sounds like an anime intro song! :smile:

Nowhere. I think I wasn’t even planned then lol

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I was born in 1988. I was 3 then and just started school.

I was four, probably playing or climbing something

I was 6, so in the first grade with a fat, ugly, old teacher that I hated.

A pity I don’t remember the destruction of the Berlin wall, since it was one of the most important historical events that has occurred during my lifetime.

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I was at primary school - loved life back then!

Long live the SOVIET UNION.

Communists all over the world UNITE

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Was it depressing watching the Soviet Empire collapse?

this is MORE LIKE IT

was a kid (7 year old back then)…dont remember much …but I do regret.

AND I AM SURE…Russia and all those foolish countries who rushed towards independence are regretting …

What country are you from?

U dont wanna know.


ukraine or somewhere in the balkans?

In '91 I was 32 and having to deal with being on Haldol. What a nightmare. The Haldol years were the worst years of my life.

Russia is a rabid dog. I think most former Soviet states are happy they no longer have to answer to that rabid dog.

Russia is full of poverty because of government mismanagement and corruption, and full of propaganda so they can keep their abused citizens in line and in check.

It depresses me to think of what could have been if the neo-cons never came in power in the usa. Maybe the 21st century actually would have been peaceful, which is looking very unlikely currently.

As long as Russia invades peaceful countries and supports terrorist regimes, I doubt it.

No, strike that. There are a thousand things standing in the way of peace, Russia is just one of those things. Albeit probably one of the worst.

if the neo-cons came, we would have a world war in 10 years

Aren’t we in a world war now? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: