If someone asked you to describe sz


Usually when they ask me, I just say that I have voices and visions.


I would be completely silent, then draw a squiggle on a piece of paper and hand it to them while maintaining constant eye contact.


Chihuahuas fighting it to the death in the woods. You hear voices have hallucination s delusional. I get called crazy everyday by strangers.


Mental health benefit
February 23,2019 Saturday 7:30pm
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i can’t say. i have cultural taboos and minimizing of my feelings, and hate to hurt people and don’t see the negative and try to have positive affirmations and voices and people in my head and performance syndrome and i must be a liar to myself always going on like nothing is wrong and my mom smoked when she was pregnant. and…and…and


My experience, it just feels like all the dark energy of the universe being squeezed into my mind. Delusions, noticing odd patterns, and voices.

In other words; It sucks!


Its the crisis of faith that causes my ‘fight or flight’ response to grow into a Hulk-like unreasonable beast that smashes my reality from time to time with frantic voices that play out the worst fears.

Only upside is the gratitude, understanding and peace I have for most things when I’m stable because little things don’t bother me at all in comparison.


My schizophrenia has been a complicated disorder that cannot be adequately described without writing for several days so I won’t attempt it. I’ve had it since 1992 and it’s changed into many different forms depending on the situation, or the meds I was taking. I’ve had auditory, visual, and occasionally sensory hallucinations. I’ve had it inside and outside my head. I cannot tell you why it exists any more than all the medical journals that when they are honest say they don’t know either. I’ve read detailed description of my meds which used to say that the “way this drug works is not known”. Now they simply say “treats schizophrenia”. My voices are generally in remission now and I take a high number of pills, and I take that as just my life rather than anything all that special.


Like being constantly intoxicated on alcohol or other mindaltering drugs. Just naturally.


Tired and hungry.