How would you describe your SZ?

I’m new to this forum and this is really the first time I have ever been around other Schizophrenics. From what I’ve seen, my disorder seems very different than many of those who post here.

My hallucinations aren’t bad, but my paranoia is through the roof, which causes an enormous amount of anxiety. I also have forgetfulness and confusion.

How would you describe your SZ?

Lots of deep rooted delusion, paranoia, trauma, depression and isolation with occasional hallucinations. Im extremely lucky my hallucinations are decently mild though instead of lots of voices theres lots of of implanted thoughts. The worst is ive lost how to take it easy casual and funny because i think when im socializing whoever im talking to is trying to get me. However welcome! And ive enjoyed ur posts.

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welcome to the forum,

i would describe my sz as treated, treatable, manageable, powerful but under control, it can cause me a lot of problems but i am glad i have been given medication to help me. saved, lucky

off meds it is paranoia and fear, delusions, racing thoughts, can’t think straight, high anxiety,

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I’ve never heard or seen things. Off meds my paranoia turns into delusions, and I can’t cope with mundane things. Eventually I go off course inch by inch and end up in my own little world and eventually have a complete psychotic break with reality. It’s insidious.

Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

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Describe my schizophrenia? A box of monster energy drinks while on a bad acid trip


Cia agent. That’s my schizophrenia

It sucks, seriously. Due to unforeseen circumstances I’m without my haldol. So its worse then normal. I hear voices and have visual hallucinations. I’m paranoid and anxious .

Purple with white trim.


Marginalized at times. At other times front and center.

That might be the greatest description of sz ive ever heard.

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I have bipolar but could have SZA - I’m paranoid, obsessive, anxious and depressed - sometimes I’m hypo manic.

My full blown manias and mixed episodes are controlled by the Risperdal.

No Delusions or Hallucinations in years.

Thank God.

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That sounds lovely

It’s sounds like you have a little of everything. I’m glad Risperdal is helping you. I’m on the generic and I really like it. If you don’t mind me asking, what dosage are you on?

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I’m on 2.5mg - I take it in divided doses throughout the day.

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I’d describe my schizophrenia as chronic and mostly made up of positive symptoms. I hallucinate a lot, have lots of annoying paranoia which won’t go away but I can mentally work through, and a pervasive thought disorder. Medication helps a lot. Risperdal is a great med - I’m glad you’re taking it. It’s one of the gold standards of modern antipsychotics.


I just started taking it, so I’m only on 1 mg per day. I was on Abilify and hated it. We’ll certainly get to higher dosages, but my doctor likes to take things slowly with me, as I have a tendency to start and stop medications.


Yeah I was on Abilify before, it wasn’t the drug for me.

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You’ve had problems in the past with medication. I know that this time it might not have been your fault but I would be more careful If I were you in the future Merry Christmas.

Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too.

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A way of explaining my being so burnt out and fractured and having so many “delusions” (flashbacks)

Burn the evidence and sweep the whole thing under the carpet…slander the victim of the whole shebang and run him through hell any time he recovers enough to know better. Sue anybody who knew even a nugget of truth and might even think of speaking out.

Nah…I’m just crazy.

Summed it up right there…I’m just some delusional but well meaning nutcase with as sad a story as any other stone that the builder refused.

Song hits me like a brick to my psyche…that kid was me.