If males develop sz typically from 18 to 25, at what age do women typically develop it

Id appreciate any answers to that question, what age do women develop sz, and why is it different to the age men develop it?

Women on the average tend to develop schizophrenia during the ages 25 - 29 years old, later than men, but the reason for this is not so clear - for males it is typically 18 - 21 years old

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Slightly later.

Men tend to develop schizophrenia between the ages of 15 - 24. Paranoid schizophrenia may be more common in men, and symptoms tend to be more severe.
The onset in women is usually slightly later, between ages 25 - 34, and the symptoms tend to be less severe. The earlier a girl starts menstruation, the longer she is protected against schizophrenia.

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I think that the exact age of onset varies, depending on the stats. Typically males develop schizophrenia earlier than females - the reason for this is not very clear

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Robert Sapolsky said in his lecture on schizophrenia that if you make it to age 30, you are statistically very unlikely to become schizophrenic, whether you are male or female- I said unlikely not impossible. Im sick of people nitpicking my posts, taking things out of context. Yeah I know some of you were like 35 when you got it. My textbooks say mid 20’s is when most women get it. I hit the nail on the head, getting it when I was 18 1/2 as a young man. For men it’s late adolescence/early adulthood, like 17-24 is when most cases happen.

Right on, I have classic John Nash paranoid schizophrenia and yeah my symptoms are very severe without medication. I had my first symptom at age 11, got sorta funny in the head at 15 with severe OCD and depersonalization crap and was raving mad by 19, having Truman’s Syndrome and ■■■■.

I didn’t follow your other threads – you are not on medication? Why?

You’re gravely mistaken, I am on three medications. I was saying that without medication I am batshit crazy. English is obviously your second language.

No, my third language… :blush:


I’m a woman, but I am not the usual case for women - I developed schizophrenia as early as a man - at 18. I don’t know how severe my sz is but probably mild to moderate. I had anxiety attacks for years since I was 13 before I developed sz, and then after graduating from high school I got sz.

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Wow… three languages… plus your extensive travels… very cool.

I wish I knew that many. I only have two. English and Spanish.

The second language is mandatory to learn. I am not fluent at all at any of the three languages. Do you mix them up when using English and Spanish? Those are the main languages in the U.S.

Not as much as I used to. Now that I’m getting better and more organized in my mind… my two languages quit mixing.

For a while, I forgot spanish. I was having a hard enough time with any communication due to word salad and other negative symptoms.

But these days… It’s all working it’s self out… I think the meds and the therapy and the not having a serious blow out of a break have been helping my mind heal and get my language skills back.

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I only know spanish due to half my family being Mexican and speaking it. It wasn’t taught to me in schools.

I think English is still your mother tongue. Is it so? Or both spoken and written well?

First language is English. I do write better then I speak. I loose my thoughts sometimes and jump topic when I speak.

When I write I can pause… get my thought back and keep going. Fine for writing… not so good for talking.

Quite the same like me. I prefer writing/reading than talking/listening. One more benefit is that you can edit the sentence on second thought. Whereas speech is like “feather in the wind”?