What age do women typically get schizophrenia

what age range do women typically get sz. Is it older than men.

I think the average age for women is 24. Or very close. For men it’s around 18-19.

Its supposed to be mid-twenties, but for me it was mid-teens, and I’m a woman, so it varies. On average, though, its later than men

I wasn’t officially diagnosed with sza until I was 34. But, I had all the symptom’s by the time I was 23. I escaped detection because my biggest symptom was paranoia, and I knew what my diagnosis was before I was diagnosed. I knew I had to hide my symptom’s to prevent myself from being kicked out of nursing school. Schizophrenic’s were not allowed to be nurses back in the 1980’s. They may still not be.

Men usually are diagnosed in their late teens, early twenties. Women are usually diagnosed in their mid twenties to early thirties.