Getting worse...again

I am getting worse again. My suicidal thoughts and psychosis has increased, even with my medication. I feel like I need to go to the hospital, but short term places never help me for long… I need help really badly. Anyone with suggestions for me?

If you’re not feeling safe, going to the hospital is a good temporary step. Its a safe, helpful environment where they might adjust the medications or try something new.

I would agree with SzAdmin. If your suicidal thoughts are getting worst then a trip to the hospital is probably a good idea. Asking for help is not a bad thing and you deserve to feel safe. :heart:

Thank you admin for telling me that. I just don’t know if I want to go back there…

Hospitals suck. But at this point in history the hospital is where you go if you feel suicidal. Maybe in the future they will invent some other type of treatment.Who knows? Hospitals are a last resort for me. I only go into one when I am at the end of my rope and I can’t function. Some people go in BEFORE they hit that point, a pre-emptive strike before they get desperate.


I ended up in hospital twice, and I would say that it was far far far far beyond a miracle that I got out of there alive in both cases. They way that I was treated can not be described with words. Thus, if death is on your mind, then perhaps that is the place to go.

Yes I know that sounds cruel, but that is how bad it was in my case. To this day I still can not fathom the reasoning behind the hospital staff’s inexcusable behavior.

The only thing that comes to mind is the fact that nobody believes the words of a schizophrenic, thus any hospital bully can get away with just about anything when their atrocious acts are thrown upon a schizophrenic.

[quote=“anon59133895, post:1, topic:3089”]
I am getting worse again.
[/quote]Well at least we are here for you to talk to and us to listen to.

But still I find it inexcusable that in many cases one is better off alone in a back alley late at night up against a guy with a gun, than you are if in a hospital and are tagged with the title schizophrenic. By the way, the reason I used this particular example of comparison, is because I was at one time actually in a back alley late at night up against a guy with a gun, thus I am familiar with such a situation.

The hospital isn’t so bad. If you feel like you’re losing control and suicidal then it’s where you need to be.

You’ll go in and be in a safe environment. They’ll get you straightened on meds and you’ll feel much better by the time you leave.

At my worst I would shut myself in my room with a bottle of whiskey and a can of chewing tobacco and play xbox and watch movies. I would leave out the substance abuse but maybe give isolation a shot- I avoided hospitalization by shutting myself in my room. I met another guy who has schizophrenia when I was pledging a fraternity (I dropped out because they have a racist reputation, they have a giant portrait of Robert E. Lee on the wall) and he said he does the same thing.

I just think it’s such a mess to go into hospitals unless you truly give up on the situation and need someone else to take care of it. BUT if that is the case, which is OK if it is, do go to the hospital, they will take care of you.

You obviously need proper psychiatric treatment. Focus on getting that and avoid your hospital stay.


Sorry to hear that. Hopefully those feelings will pass in a few days or weeks. Go to the hospital if you get serious about attempting.

i am probably not the best person to talk to as i have the same feelings but hugs anyway…!
take care

Theres an endless combination of meds you can take that worked better and some that worked worse. Hope you find what works the best soon.