If I were the older brother, i still would be SZ, but it would be different

My sister abused me mentally growing up. She said she’d wish I’d never been born when I was. She called me names and asserted her power on me. She thought she was better than me because she was older.

If I was born first and my parents told me “You’re going to have a little sibling” I would have said “oh”. I wouldn’t make a very influential older sibling. I would still lack an “identity” of an “older sibling”. It would be different. I can’t imagine it. But it would be different. But I’d still be SZ. That’s not the reason why I was SZ.

Yeah. Sucks man the new kid always gets the most love. If she was old enough to understand that when you were born it might explain her disliking you.

Perhaps love is the wrong word. Attention though. And to a kid attention is love.

My little bro still gets all the attention lol.

Sorry to hear that your sister abused you mentally, but I also think that it has not much to do with you having SZ. But stress can trigger the illness, so the abuse could have. But then, if there have been other types of stresses in your life, you would be SZ anyway, so the abuse itself can’t be the cause…

But then again, there’s no “what ifs”… Just try to accept the here and now, and not dwell on what ifs…

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My mom had 5 miscarriages between my sister and I. She had a blood clot during giving birth and I was pulled out by forceps and still came out 8 pounds 6 ounces real healthy. I’ve been called a “miracle baby” (by not my parents). My mom was 43 when she had me. Part of the reason I thought I was Jesus…because I was a “miracle baby”. My parents obviously gave me a lot of love. Having a second child was stressful for them. My sister gave me a lot of abuse because of it all. She wanted my parents to name me “Bubbles”. I guess that’s kind of cute. I remember my sister posting a facebook picture of me and writing “Weirdest kid ever”…when I was 17. That still hurts.

We get equal attention now…but yeah. I can beat my sister in any argument, but she’s already more successful at 29 than I’ll ever be. Smarts isn’t everything. Idc though about that stuff.

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Yeah my sisters are the golden children. My family used to operate like an army regiment until my brother and I came along and ■■■■ got expensive and the parents relationship started cracking.

Any case my sisters are pros. My bro and I are more or less the “good degenerate” types. I think we will both pull out of that though.

Glad you’re with us man. The miracle continues lol.

If my younger sister didn’t get SZ, I highly doubt I would be SZ. She was heavy into drugs and the occult and carried over her demonic mantras into the household. I was the polar opposite, basically a sitting archangel trying to perfect my relationship with God & Christ.

Needless to say, she burdened me with a beast-load of stress when she started speaking in tongues and calling upon her demon friends to help slay her enemies.

It’s messed up, but in part I feel like I’m fighting her demons, not mine. She committed suicide last year in June. I hate to sound cruel, but I feel like her, and I, and the family & all the friends involved are in a better place now knowing that she’s moved on.

I’m the oldest… I am sad to say… I wasn’t always very nice to my younger brothers… there was a lot of conflict for a while… 4 boys all fighting for attention and being the big cheese.

Eventually we all just gave up and sort of found our own niche.

but my kid sis is the youngest… maybe it’s because she was the only girl… I was pretty happy when I knew I was going to get a sister instead of yet another brother.

I do worry about her… all of us boys have something going on in the head… three of us diagnosed… one isn’t… but still going through something dark.

So I hope she manages to get through life with no head circus… and she can achieve what she works for.

I’m sorry but normal people don’t go around hurting other people. Even kids. Maybe she was a little jealous of you in general but growing up, if she continued that and posted a pic of you on FB like that, sorry but there’s something wrong with her. I’ve met people like that. I have excluded that from my life.

I have a good relationship with my sister and brother because it’s easy for me to forgive family members.

She’s gotten better now since she started doing/teaching yoga I give credit too. She actually bought me a cool book today that I’m gonna read that she gave to me. She’s very ambitious.

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I have one very ambitious brother… has worked hard for the big house and the flash car…

He’s not a very good person… but from the outside… people see him as successful.

He’s going through something dark… but refuses to get help… his wife and kids left him last year…

He’s made no attempt to change and try and get them back. He sort of see’s the job… the house… the car as proof that’s he doing better then everyone. He say’s he normal… It hard to watch because it’s pretty easy to see… he’s not.

He’s sort of isolated himself from the family… when he does show up… he likes to stir chaos and whip up old arguments.