If i was locked up in a long term hospital

it wouldn’t even bother me. sure it would get boring, but i wouldn’t care, i would have nothing to worry about other than other patients and would be taken care of. maybe after some time in there it would restore my will to live and have freedom and rich life experiences.


yea i feel same about for when my parents would not be able to take care of me anymore… i wouldn’t mind being in a long term hospital then… but if i get lucky one of my brother or 2 sisters will take me in when my mum and dad can’t take care of me anymore…


I was in hospital from December 15 to March 9th. (A few days before my birthday on the 15th)

I like being in hospital because it takes away the need to tidy up, clean, cook.

When I’m schizophrenic, i pick the most convenient options for everything.

I have to deal with my voices and thought insertion before sleep and when i wake up and that just makes me edgy for the rest of the day/night.


i hated the hospital where i was at, i was there for 4 months felt like jail. food was horrible had to wake up at 6am with blinding lights, boring meetings. Felt like forever, i was so happy when i left.


I was in the hospital for 8 months. I really cared that it was boring and I was rarely bothered or picked on but the other patients did effect me.
IDK. It was a large hospital but you have 50 or 75 really disturbed people milling about everywhere and it gets to you. And you lose a lot of freedom in a hospital. I’m just talking for myself.
I can definitely see your points but I would never want to go through that again. Being served three meals a day, and having your laundry done for you are great perks but not enough to make another stay worthwhile.


Id do a stint in the hospital instead of being homeless anytime.

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