If I can't have love, I'll settle for tolerance

One has to be willing to compromise in this life.


I feel that.

I fell in love while on a nootropic, it gave me a completely distorted perspective of what to expect. I’ll never feel that strongly about anyone, and I am ok with that.

Love like that is some scary ■■■■. Life wrecking and bridge burning.

What’s a nootropic?

Like a supplement; a smart drug.

Something used to enhance cognition.


I’ve always found love to be a pretty big compromise. I’m not one of those there’s one person out there just for you type of peoples. I’m a …there’s many people out there who may be a match but all relationships are work and something that is a compromise.

I’d take both. Your never too old to find companionship. Even I think sometimes the single life would be good to avoid if possible.

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Yes. People who live all alone are missing out on a lot. But it is work to live with others.

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