If family is so important to our recovery why do they discourage us from having kids?

Like im the youngest so most likley I will be the last one here. Not sure how Im going to handle that. Anytime I bring up kids in my appointments though they get funny.
If we don’t have a family what would we do?

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If we have offspring there is a 10 percent probability our offspring will have schizophrenia. That is a 1 in 10 chance, which is the same probability that Sarah Palin, close to her mid forties, had of a genetic mutation in her offspring when she had Trig, her down syndrome baby. This is not exactly good. But if you found someone with good genes who is competent then go for it; however, as a guy that is more difficult than your situation as a woman. Good luck. You can always adopt.

Slight troll question, sorry. I just want to end up here with nobody who even knows my name.

It’s not only the genetic risk of passing on sz. Children are a HUGE stressor, requiring a great deal of time and effort. They won’t understand when you’re having an episode. And with the work that comes with raising them, expect more of those!

It’s just a lot, lot of work and you have to be on top of your mental care.


I don’t think we have “bad” genes. Honestly I don’t want to be with a sane person anyways. Their boring. The key is equally functioning.
Maybe that isn’t fair. I don’t think there discouraging me but one of them brought money when I brought it up.

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Yeah I agree with Anna , kids are stressful

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I know. That thought crossed my mind but like I know a mentally challenged girl who just had two kids and is married. She even cut off all her hair so she could take better care of them.
In the proper setting I think I could raise wonderful people.

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Plus I’m not mid 40’s. I’m 33 so like around 38, 39 I don’t think I will consider it anymore if I’m still single.

With a fellow schizophrenic the odds increase substantially. I don’t want a normal person for a relationship either, but then kids are out of the question.

Like 20% percent likelyhood right?

Something like that, which would double the odds.

I would consider marrying a woman who already had kids, adopting, or having kids with a woman who I felt had good genes and was very competent, as well as moral.

I don’t know. The important thing is to be happy I guess

But by moral I don’t mean necessarily Christian, just loyal and holding her children’s health and survival over all else.

It is also the end of the world NOW so come on.

You’ve been watching too much walking dead on amc.

We should get 1000 members on here. All of us could stash away 400 a month for a year or 2. That’d be 4800000 or 9600000. Then we could purchase some land and build our own ghetto. As long as it didn’t devolve into a mess of people trying to ■■■■ one another we’d never be alone again.


No I’m serious man.

Just wait and see.

But on topic there is literally thousands of kids on their way out that could benefit from a good home.

I would adopt but I can’t afford it and I believe that a kid needs both male and female parents.

I ain’t got a girl yet

That’s what the “crazy” dudes up in the mountains are doing now.

And I’m thinking joining them.

What do you guys think: is it out of the question for us to propagate? To be or not to be in a shakespearean
sense when it comes to be fruitful and multiply in a biblical sense.

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