There is no hope for me

I know I need to go to crisis. I’m trying to help others instead of getting help. What’s the ■■■■■■■ point? People are going to continue to harass me at home.what do I do?

Roxanna, there is always some hope to hold onto. Like so many forum members, I really think you need a different med, because the Latuda is not cutting it.

Please hang in there the best you can.

Are you going to crisis tonight?

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@roxanna go to emergency. You need to get some help. We can’t do this all alone and the paranoia seems pretty severe lately!

Please. Don’t live in hell when you can ask for some help!


Thinking about it. No good. Someone is going to curse at me there it is again.

It’s getting late. Do you have a way to get there? Can someone take you? You really need a med adjustment before your appointment in January. That’s just way too long to wait and suffer.

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I can call an uber

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My bf will talk me out of going

Don’t tell him until you’re walking out the door. You know when you need to go. He clearly doesn’t.

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I have to be here to take care of things.

Idk anymore. ■■■■ they’re going to send me South and I don’t want to be there.

Sorry I bothered yall

I’ve got a plan. Goodnight.

No plans are good. Please. Go to emergency!

@roxanna . You aren’t doing well and you need some help. Please. Ask for some help!!!

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