Ice Cream- hospital edition

Here’s a simple recipe that I discovered when I really wanted ice cream. And everyone in the youth/adolescent treatment ward started doing the same.

  1. Fill a cup with a juice of your choice (I like orange juice or apple juice, really whatever is available at the ward). If it’s one of the juices that come in a round container, then don’t take it out and pour it in a cup.
  2. Put it in the freezer. If it’s already in a container, just put it straight to the freezer and skip step 1.
  3. Open it the next day
  4. Flip the cup and drop the iced juice on a plate. Or just keep it in the container and use a spoon.

That’s it. I tend to keep it in a round plate and just kinda lick it as it melts.

Here’s to the days when I had my second psychotic break. I was 17 years old.


I’m an ice Cream addict. Favorites are banana, strawberry, mango, straciatella, …

Nice tip. Thanks !

When I was in the Stanford psyche ward, they kept a 5 gallon container of ice cream in the freezer at all times and we could have as much as we want as often as we want. I was feeling hopeless and depressed and I accidently overdosed on some mint chocolate chip and the ambulance came and they took me to Baskin-Robbins to have my stomach pumped.



Are those little pints of ice cream your Methadone now?


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I need a fix…………

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