I would like to be a writer but

I would like to be a writer but I don’t know if I have the time/energy because I spend an hour a day playing guitar and mandolin and I like to read.

And I don’t think I have any ideas.

I enjoy writing letters by hand. I write them and then revise them many times to make it interesting. I just write about day to day things.

You can ask one of the new AI tools to give you writing prompts. Just tell it what things you like and what things you know a lot about.

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I wrote a book about my journey through psychosis…that was the only thing I could really write about besides a fictional work…ideas for books can be just something you like to talk about…maybe write a book about your recovery?

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It has been said that those that write will and those that do not will be forgotten.

I have a book of only about 80 pages.

It’s on Amazon, but it has sold no copies in 18 months

I’m a writer,

But I’m not able to just sit down and bang out five chapters.

Or one.

I write short stories,

Make an outline,

Then sew all the little stories together.

It’s easier and I actually have better quality writing that way because there is less pressure.


Do you get better product out of this method? I think you should post it or a link.

I am not sure if you are replying to me?

I mean @Charles_Foster
They sound interesting.
I have an idea for a science fiction series but i can’t quite get into it.


Thank you!

I don’t have the permissions to post a link or anything,

But it’s an easy way to get a whole piece put together.

I make an outline of my story, bullet points, all that.

Then, pick the stories you like first.

Start building them even if just for sentences at a time.

Eventually you’ll have whole stories that can be put together to form one work.

That’s just what I do.

It works for my mind.

Good luck to you and your writing.

I love science fiction.

I Am Legend is one of my all time favorites.


I love I Am Legend!

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I am seriously curious as to what you write now.
I love old school sci-fi, the golden age stuff.

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Oh man.

I write about everything.

I keep notepad up on my laptop and just write little stories that come to mind all the time.

Recently I’ve been writing a lot of my old memories.

But I’ve found writing something familiar often inspires you to go down the writing rabbit hole and you end up with a lot more content than you intended.

Which is awesome.

Even if it’s something you’ve written before, it never turns out the same.

I’ve been working on a large project for about 8 years and several little projects everywhere, all the time.


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