I wish you guys much better and quicker recovery

hi. i am well on the road… happy as a lark about it but it took sooooo long.

i am hopeful for a good future and to be able to handle mishaps misfortune and even miserable conditions if and when they occur far better now.

i am still working almost full time.

wishing you better yet.



Sup judy what are u upto…??

how did u manage it

i worked really hard to gain self control and then i opened my mouth (or rather the pen since i wrote letters) to complain of the abuses in my life and it helped.

i also got lucky and had work all along on and off, more on than off.

also, my mom and dad did what they could for me and so did my siblings, my daughter.

now it is easy street in comparison to then and very sunny versus deep darkness.

i got my cognition mostly back and i am thrilled. i tried to read what i could all along and it helps.


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Good to see you around.:blush:

Good to read that you are happy and well and optimistic.

thanks zillja. how are you doing?

i hate being so assertive like i’ve been forced to be by circumstances but i got to admit, it helps a whole lot to stand up for yourself. wishing others here much luck in their lives as well.