I feel lucky because


I got my family
I live by my mom
I work
some of my abilities have returned to me
there’s some light at the end of my tunnel
it feels like the worst of it is behind me (I pray)

how about you?


so nice to see you happy judy! x


jaynebeal, thanks so ever much. how are you doing?

I hope your holiday season brings much warmth and love to you.

hugs, judy


Glad to hear your feeling better and things are going well for you. Glad to hear your abilities have been coming back. That is a great feeling… to realize that your gaining some of the old zing back.

I’m hitting a rough patch, but working through it. But I feel lucky that stuff that would knock me down completely, now just sets me back a little.


not too bad judy, thanks. getting there, slowly but surely. x


I have a brother and sister who support me. I’m stable on my med’s. I have enough support where I live to express myself. I have food and shelter. I was born during a time of relative peace and stability. I live in the developed world. I have a TV and a computer.


one :rainbow: for SurprisedJ and piece of :cake: (gluten free of course ) and three little birds to sing to you while you get better… :bird: :bird: :bird:
take care from dark sith :alien:
p.s here is a :deciduous_tree: to sit under.


A tree… a rainbow… bird song… and healthy cake…

That sounds like the perfect day.

Thank you @darksith.


I feel lucky because… I have a caring husband and parents, and live by the sea :sunny:


i am sorry surprisedJ that you are in a hard spot in your life right now. here’s hoping it’ll clear up and be full of sunshine soon.

hugs, judy


Doing fine. Working towards my goals a few steps at a time.



I’m doin OK too. Not great - but who is?