I wish to talk to a professional

I would like information from a professional on this disease. I was diagnosed a long time ago. I lived fine for 10 years or more and moved then developed a symptom of it again. I have been off the meds. There is too much not known and too many people want us to be put in asylums and left or prisons and left. My first husband left me in a facility. I had family that got me out. I found that the medicine just increased my weight, althoug I did not eat that much, I developed parkinson and type 1 diabeties. I am now 60 and do not want to find myself in a hospital for crazies or in a prison just for the disease. I want answeres to send to family and to get control of my own personal life and for the future. Please a professional invidual. Thank you.

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are you on disability? If you can support yourself on what you make perhaps your institution can set you up with housing? I would think you would have to be medicine compliant to get them to help you that way. just an idea. I am not a professional.

I am with a man that is eating me alive and not thinking of the future. I was better off without him.

First off, that’s offensive, and second, you should know that there are no professionals on the site, as I’ve been told. We are merely a community bound together by an illness. Maybe seek out some dialogue with other members here?

If you only want to talk to professionals… why not start with

www.nami.org in your area…

and get a referral or information to find a professional in your area.

I don’t know of any professionals on here either.

Just us… pulling through the best we can.


Welcome to the forum @Linda

We are a community of non-professionals however you can receive a lot of support on this site. Good for you on wanting to get control of your life and seeking answers.

I’m sorry that you developed unwanted side-affects from the medications.

Some resources that may help you and your family to better understand schizophrenia and it’s symptoms:

http://www.nami.org/ - National Alliance on Mental Illness.
http://www.schizophrenia.ca/ - Schizophrenia Society of Canada