I wish i was permanently in an institution

I remember going in the hospital 30 years ago, they’d keep you there for 3 or 4 weeks back then and they’d have pottery and leatherworking groups and “outings” to the store or movie theater. You’d have tons of therapy groups and really got to know your treatment team…until your insurance ran out. Then you’d get sent to the state-run facilities in which you just sat in a back room all day and smoked cigarettes and talked with the other patients, no group or therapy of any kind.
Nowadays, they only take you if you’re a serious risk of harming yourself or others (they don’t consider non-suicidal self-harm a “serious” risk, you can go in to get stitches and leave right away). Now they only want you to stay a few days and kick you out without actually stabilizing
you. It’s not very therapeutic, just a revolving door.

Idk. It’s just weird for a doctor to tell me in one of my session therapy. That my friend dissociated was lost and found insane in another city. Was checked in and admitted to another mental hispital.

Or that my other friend stole money from another patient so I have to avoid her. It’s like promoting cancel culture.

Disclosing that make me no different fr her but I name no names like she does. Lol. My conscience feels bad for typing that

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I can relate. Had no way to live, so agitated. Hospital was great. Got stabilized. Went to groups. Good to have structure. Now I go to work some days. Go to an ICC clubhouse and yoga other days. Those are my structure, give me a way to live.

For a doctor to say the diagnosis of a patient it’s really unprofessional. My friend says she has bi polar. I think she has the perogative to tell people or not.

The doctor said that patient isn’t only bi polar but has pyscjptic tendencies. Reveals her medical history to everyone as detailed as her tongue sticking out due to aps. Horrible!

I know this is a public website and I shouldn’t post these things. They might go after my brother which is unprofessional of them that they can’t take feedback and reviews.

I’m a mentally ill patient like a customer giving my review I think I can.

While they’re health care professionals who should act like educated pyscchologist and psychiatrists. They give patients negative feedback but can’t handle it when it’s done to them. Sorry for ranting. I just feel like standing up for something.

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I was deemed psychotic once simply because I disagreed with the shrink.

Sometimes I want it also… especially now when I am not doing well.

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