Anyone here wants to go and live the rest of your life in a hostel in the hospital grounds?

Hey guys as above, sometimes i feel like just giving up my apartment and move into at hospital, no bills , no tress with day to day living ect and no pressure, i lost my job in the booksshop a few months ago, anyone relate?


No! I would rather travel the world than vegetate in a hospital thanks…


Sometimes I really crave the therapeutic nature of my last hospital stay but then i think about some of the ones before it that weren’t so supportive.

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No way, i like my own rules. The more people the more rules, especially in institutions.


I wish there was a therapeutic environment while families could live in that wasn’t a hospital, per se. More like a shared living space with common goals of wellness and med and psych services.


Sounds expensive.

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No. I’ve been to all the hospital psych wards in my area and the staff were mean at all of them.


yes long term hospitalization is very tempting thought for me. sometimes it seems better than the struggle and finding my way in life.

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I’ve had this thought before, when things were going poorly for me. But I am super glad I stayed and worked on my life instead.


Gosh no. I like to decide when and what to eat and have a sense of personal space.


Yeah, a 75-way fight for the remote every day.

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I think I’d rather hitch it up to Montana and try to live in a cabin like Ted Kacinszki (sp?) before I’d let myself be tossed into a hospital. My mind can be enough of a prison on its own…why add to it?

I’ve been in lockdown for over a year and have seen little of the outside World. I for the most part missed my family during their Christmas visit. No I can’t relate.

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I had a cynical and shitty thought(s) yesterday… on some of this.

A.). I’m never waiting again in a mental hospital waiting room. I’ll simply feign suicidal ideations and get picked up by an ambulance…

But B. Since my 9 day hospital stay caused me out of pocket 900 dollars ill be tempted to just go to the Holiday Inn on the highway to get my head on straight.

I can conjure that up because I am ‘ok’ currently but like, my folks tend to bring up the hospital word each time we get into an argument!!

Erm… it’s just my folks tried putting me in the hospital for coughing, spitting, and throwing up, from cigs.

It was almost a year ago and the windows were open in the morning hour, so I woke them for one thing.

Was told I have self work to do. And I remember that phrase, at least.

The spitting is gross, my only explanation is the subconscious in me doesn’t want stomach cancer from tar, or nicotine water/coffee/ and saliva present in the mouth.

Three or four months ago, I would have said I wish I was in the nursing home. But now, I still want to live on my own. Mainly my trouble with my arthritis that I’ve had since December 2019.

When i was doing bad that was my dream but now a days im pretty independent.

No. I like the challenge of day-to-day functioning and professional advancement. I worked hard to get here and now that I’m here I plan to keep going. Also? I enjoy the tears of the neuotypicals I trampled over as I received promotions. They taste like … victory.

Never had a good stay in the hospital. For that matter, never had a good day in a hospital. IDK, it’s hard just getting along with one roommate and near impossible getting along with my neighbors. Now, stick me in a hospital with 70 other people, most who are out of their minds and I’m not a happy camper.

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