I wish i was permanently in an institution

I felt like that last month but luckily I improved enough to give freedom another chance, I felt terrible like i couldn’t cope with life but the guy said to try and go home and get back to normal :frowning: i was kind of traumatised but i gave it a shot and it was a struggle esp with limited diazepam but idk how i did it but i cope and now i am enjoying my freedom.

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i have hospitalized many times

some good some bad

im having a hard time staying safe right now but my mom is sick and i need to be here for her

i see my pdoc tuesday and talk with her about the hospital

i would only go in to change meds not forever

best to think about freedom

right now i need to stay strong and fight the voices and hallucinations

i hope you can get strong enough stay out of the hospital

good luck

How do you fight them?

I think institutions are a place to heal, but it’s not the same as real life. Being in a psych ward is like being in a bubble, where all you do is take your meds, eat sleep and get therapy. They remove all your outside problems so you can focus on yourself. That’s okay. Sometimes you need that. But then when you are ready you need to face real life, and deal with real life problems. Living in a continuous bubble is great, but also not reality.

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They create new problems imo.

i have my mother and my dogs and a really good treatment team that is available 24/7

i have been doing this for over two decades so i have learned alot from cbt and dbt training

but most of all knowing my mom is sick its time i care for her

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Yes absolutely

I prefer the bubble than everyday life as its too hard, i can’t cope with life

maybe with a short stay with a major med change you will feel better

Life is very hard and often times hard to cope with. I suggest finding hobbies that you enjoy to help break away from it mentally in your day. It can feel very overwhelming at times.

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I have no interests or hobbies. I have no positive emotions or pleasure in anything.
Everything is grey and uninteresting
Everyday is a struggle with voices and paranoia , intrusive thoughts , worse

I started ad’s just over two weeks ago but im still struggling
Im on Clopixol & prozac & Diazapam

It sounds like you need to talk to your doctor. Like I said, I’m not against psych wards for short term needs. They are very good places to be to heal.

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Thanks @sweetpotatofries i appreciate your advice and support

I can’t make conversation much about anything which is why i spend less time online.

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You can get through this. It’s okay to ask for help when you are struggling. Hugs.

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Like van gogh which was voluntary.

I dreamt I’d live in an institution like a nursing home for the mentally ill.
But the hospitals here are depressing and expensive. Definitely Not a therapeutic place to live long at. They mistreat patients here with stigma and verbal abuse. Some pyschological torture chamber where they don’t physically hurt you but mess with ur mind and sense of self worth. Plus they’re very expensive some patients would pay over a million but gets no proper therapy. Tho they still operate under the Department of health here but had a few law suits here and there.

Where is this?? Sounds awful!

Metro pysch facility in the Philippines. One had to file a law suit so she could get out. They trap patients there telling families they’re “not” ready for the world. We couldn’t even tell our families we wanna go home.
They don’t have patient-doctor confidentiality too. Very unprofessional and horrible.

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Sounds horrible! Here in Sweden you are only institutionalized if one has done criminal acts or if you are a danger to society.

You’re lucky you have laws that protect ur wellfarw there.

We had to stay for their “1 year program” some extend to more than a year. They get really bad reviews online I wish I stayed in another hospital.

They discuss our issues with everyone there make gossip and small talk among the staff. The doctor herself would tell me about other patients issues. So effin weird and unprofessional. So I stopped going to her.

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The doc and the nurses gossiped about me behind my back even if we have laws against that. It’s just human nature I guess?

I guess so. Ure right it’s just human nature.