I went to my support group today. Woot

There is usually between 14-16 people there. I don’t talk much accept a few comments or when we are checking in.

There are other schizophrenics there but I do not reveal my diagnosis because:…well…it’s none of their business. A women talked about voices and the moderator answered her with some lame comment and condescension. I’m going through a lot of crap right now and I don’t need that.

In 2016 I created all my own problems but it was a good year with a minimum of symptoms.
But now, the handwriting on the wall is that a lot of other people are going to be my problems this year.

Anyways, in group a women said that to calm her down and distract her from her voices she blows soap bubbles. It relaxes her.I’m sure we all remember those from being a kid. And the moderator said to her, “Yeah, those bubbles are what kids get just for being kids”.
So I piped up and said, “Yeah, but we get gambling and beer.”

Almost the whole group cracked up. A moderator said to me, “That’s kind of going in the wrong direction for the group”.
I laughed and answered, “I knew that before I said it”. and several people laughed at that too.

The schizophrenic comedian, spreading joy and laughter throughout the land.


Sounds like your “leader” is a real sorehead. Good on you for having the nerve to criticize him/her.

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When no one appreciates the humor in life, that’s when it’s at it’s lowest.
You did everything right for making people laugh @77nick77, I think you pointed it in the right direction despite what the mod said, shame he didn’t recognize that.

Thanks Nick, for making me laugh, hope you know you’re a great guy to have on our forum, I appreciate you for being you!