Hoho ho Hoho ho (Santa's coming)

I noticed a trend amongst people with psychosis, in the swp meetings, here, even in the old me.

Most of you never talk about your problems, just made up problems, silly ones, you must realize that right?

I mean except for a few who are dealing with family, work or housing situations. Some of you guys make up problems because you’re thinking to much and have nothing better to do. I am not blaming anyone, let me be clear,I’m just saying that you guys are doing good if you can have problems like 'I don’t know what to cook and It’s dinner time,what will I do :scream:"

Don’t thread on me,it’s all good humor

I really don’t think anyone considers this a real “problem”. Asking for advice on what to cook doesn’t really bother me honestly. It’s just something to add a topic to the forum and maybe get some advice. I posted a topic on what I should get at Wendy’s before. Nothing wrong with that IMO.


O man, @Bowens why :slightly_frowning_face: just why you think I’m talking about you?:grimacing:

I’m not, I love food

I changed some things to my original post idea, my intentions were more malicious, now it’s kinda funny :thinking:

But nobody deserves criticism, especially when they did nothing wrong. That’s why I made the post kinda funny

I didn’t think you were talking about me. That post was a long time ago. Just making a comment. Those posts don’t bother me.

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Give me a suspension bro, 2 weeks. I am the ashole everytime

Lol. I am not going to give you a suspension for that.

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I don’t know man. Just in general…I feel like that

@anon20787234 it is emotionally immature to lash out because people here didn’t immediately respond with empathy to your thread about your traumatic childhood. Your experiences were pretty extreme and you deserve empathy, but no one has done anything mean to you by not responding to your thread.

Dude. I am emotionally imature lol :joy:

That’s like wtf, is the sun yellow.who cares? Or knows?

But I do see your point, I am mentally mature :joy:

It is something you can work on when you realize what you’re doing. We’ve probably all been there at some point.

Lol, come @anon9798425! come down! come down from your high horse :horse::joy:

I have no high horse, just my age and having learned from bad decisions.

You deserve empathy, but not like this.

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You remind me of this romanian author, Andrei - forgot his first name…

I picture him when I see you on the forum.

Medium height, skinny, he smokes, little arrogant too

I’m none of those things except a bit of the last one.
But I get that you’re getting defensive. It’s just that people see what you’re doing. It’s not funny, the intention is still obvious even after you tried to make it funny. Intentions have a way of shining through. And you will get a lot more support and empathy and healing if you learn to get along with the people who would offer it to you.


Silly problems, like I fell out of bed

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Nice words man, there’s nothing more which I can add :woman_shrugging:

Here’s santa I guess

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