I went to my support group today

It actually went OK. I talked a little, I made some funny comments and about half the group laughed. I sat and listened, I looked around. A man and a women both ran the group and the lady brought her dog in and I petted the dog. The only thing missing was clam dip and Ruffles potato chips. But seriously, I’m struggling and I need this group. Life isn’t all bad but it isn’t all good either.

I’m looking forward to work tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the Summer quarter of college. “I’m looking over, a four leave clover”. Just some stupid song from when I was a kid. I went to McDonald"s today and bought lunch and took it to the park and ate it.

I cruised through some nice neighborhoods nearby this afternoon to relax. I’m practicing ignoring jerks while I drive. I’m going to stop giving any attention to people who’s sole intention is just to play games and mess with me any way they can. I don’t feel like I’m being singled out more than anyone else (well, sometimes I do) but yeah, men do it, women do it. I’m an equal opportunity ignorer of stupid behavior.


That’s the best thing. Just let it slide off your back.

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Yep, you’re right crimby.

awesome, I remember my first group session, there’s a girl there who was there from the start, I feel like she’s family now, like a little sister. she has trouble at home, and while it may sound stupid, I offered her a place to crash if her parents get out of hand (she’s 18, so its not like id be harboring a run away minor) She really makes me smile and feel good about myself though, because even though she has it so rough with her super religious parents who think she’s possessed (hypocrites really, since they cast judgement on others while one is an alcoholic and the other is addicted to Oxy) she always smiles, no matter what, she’s smiling.

Hopefully you meet someone like her at these sessions, they can really make life a lot better.

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